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Zootopia Movie Review


revista online da natura ciclo 15/2012 I am a fan of animated movies and I end up watching almost all animated movies, be it good or bad (I hardly find any animated movies bad). So the moment I saw the trailer of this movie I decided to go for this movie.

In a word, the movie is awesome, not only for the technology and effects but also for the script. The movie is full of humour which will force you to keep smiling from the very beginning till the end.

The crux of the movie is, it imagines a world where Humans did not happen, never existed and other animals evolved and ran a successful world. The concept itself is beautiful and the way it relates different animals with different positions in the society is also intelligent. However the model of this world is utopia. But as it is inhabited by animals we call it zootopia. Half way into the movie we are already aware that even this zootopia is not perfect. It has its own loopholes. It depends upon the citizens to make it a better place.

There are two messages in the movie. The first one is, anybody can become anything if they desire and work upon their dream. So nothing is impossible unless you think it is. The second message is there are always people who would try to destroy the social harmony by dividing people for petty gains.

I think this movie is definitely worth a watch. I would give 8 out of 10 to this movie.

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