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Young politicians are the only hope for India’s future


‘And the motion stands defeated’,announced the speaker

The bill which stated “Young politicians are the only hope for India’s future”, stood defeated in the parliamentary debate held in our University.

When the house was moved to vote for the motion only few of them raised their hands in a house of about 50 members and thus the bill stood defeated.

The treasury bench made some valid points saying that the youth has new ideas, new energy etc., whereas the opposition stated that youth are a packet of energy which can only bring about huge instability and unrest in the system and off course the opposition targeted our dear ‘Rahul Gandhi’, ‘Akhilesh Yadav’, ‘Gaurav Gogoi’,to name a few. They also mentioned that politics is not the only medium to improve India. They also mentioned that a person who spends hours in gym and parlours cannot hold the reigns of a country.

I was certainly disappointed by all these talks which made me question myself that is the youth not ready to enter politics?

What is politics? Politics is a setup of policy making for the people in general. Today our country is on the path of becoming the youngest nation. Does it make sense that a population mainly below 40 has a representative above 65. We keep telling our parents that they don’t understand our feelings,situations etc so can we afford such a huge generation gap between us and our policy makers. Point to be noted: We need someone who can represent us, our thoughts and someone to whom we can relate ourselves.

Secondly, the opposition stated that we have more prominent people in different fields who have worked for India’s future and have earned laurels for the country then why relate “politics” only as the future of the country. What the opposition failed to understand is that a country at large is defined by its politics.  “Politics” affects the people at large. Whenever we consider to take up any sort of work, we first look into its policies. People studying MBA would be more comfortable in relating to this point. In MBA we often talk about the bad and good policies of the organization and how it affects its employees. Similarly a country is a huge organization which has ‘n’ no of policies which are applicable in all fields and affects the working system of all sorts of people.  go here Without good politics nothing can thrive and forget future, even the present can’t be imagined.

Thus,we really need young politicians,but mind it the word “Young is less about age” and more about nature. Young is a state which has beauty of thoughts, initiative taking capabilities, fighting all odds, big dreams and striving to achieve it.

is betnovate a corticosteroid “Politics” gives one a platform to bring about the actual change. My post here is hardly going to make a difference but maybe somewhere someone who could be a part of the parliament tomorrow could voice these thoughts and then maybe we will see the change we deserve. Why Arvind is seen as a change today? His giving ‘Dharnas’ brought about less changes but now when he holds the post of a CM and he has more power and he is now more capable of changing things that he might find wrong.

It is time that the youth starts thinking of politics as a ‘career’ and not like ‘Chalo bhai kashti kahin paar nahi lagi ab yahan try karte hain’. We have had enough Good Engineers, Good Doctors, Good Actors etc. Its time we have GOOD POLITICIANS.

The highly apolitical nature of the youth now needs to change. We need to take a stand for our country now. Its up to us, either we stand up now or keep saying the same cheesy lines “Is Desh Ka Kuch Nahi Ho Sakta!”

And there is nothing called experience until we start something. You cant learn swimming by studying text books on it or by observing others. You have to get into the water.

But, please politics is not for earning fame and money. If you have such thoughts drop the idea. We already have such people inside there so don’t make the scenario worst.

Take up politics if you believe in selfless service and if you dream for real change.

So can I expect young people with such thoughts to raise their hands?

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