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Why People Should be More Serious with Social Media

I have been seeing a lot of folks posting stupid things on social media. though I don’t intend to judge but ultimately somehow we start judging others by their social posts. To see some examples see below

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I apologize if I hurt their sentiment but my point is when you post something on a social media, think thrice because once its there, there is no going back, even if you delete the post. Here are few things you should never do on social medias

  1. Don’t unnecessarily tag people when they have no business there, also don’t tag anyone without seeking permission
  2. Avoid using words like “The Rock” or “Cute Angel” on your profile name, two reasons, 1st, you are not rock or angel, 2nd, it does not look you cool, infact it makes you look stupid
  3. Don’t reveal your intimate times on Facebook, specially when it involves someone else. Once I saw someone posted on Facebook that he was having sex with his girlfriend. I was pretty sure he did not have a girl friend and even if he had one at that time, after that post I am pretty sure he had lost her.
  4. Do not use too much abusive languages socially, because now a days everyone understands people who try to be too cool to be true on social media are actually shy, afraid of talking to people, introvert (its true for 90% of people).

Just try to be yourself online, because its the same you, its okay to say you don’t like metal if you don’t like them, its okay to admit that you are romantic and love to cook for your beloved, its okay to admit you can not ride a bike, its okay to post your photos without pouting because you are still beautiful.

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