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Why Newton, India’s Oscar Nomination Film Isn’t A Copy Of Secret Ballot?

Newton, a rare film that shined in Bollywood for its sheer honesty and portrayal of an honest polling officer, committed to his duties and values. Earlier in the year, the film won numerous awards at British International Film Festival (BAFTA) and was highly anticipated. It opened up to great reviews, and especially Rajkumar Rao was praised for its brilliant acting.


The game changed when it was announced that Newton would be the official entry of India for Oscars 2017 (in foreign language category). While the industry and whole nation applauded the film for its achievements, no one was aware of the storm that was about to follow.



First, the news about its poster’s striking resemblance to a Bengali film Ganashatru, directed Satyajit Ray spread like a fire, and then, it was called a copy of an Iranian film ‘Secret Ballot’.


The troll culture wasn’t forgiving and people started calling names to the film. To our surprise, the premise of both the films appeared similar. And there ends the chain of similarity between the two distant films, which have thematic similarities. They were made on same themes.

While Secret Ballot is a lady polling officer who goes to heights to conduct an election in an island, which is in a far-off land and filled with goons. She’s accompanied by a security guard and a romantic angle brew up between these two in the latter half of the film. The film is also about how a woman is looked down in the society and how she finds the rules useless in real world.

image credits: scoopwhoop

On the other hand, Newton is about a polling officer’s commitment to his duties. He holds his values very dear and is accompanied y soldiers in Naxalite affected area. The story of Newton is about an honest man’s attempt to uphold democracy and it sticks to its premise, using situational humor.

image credits:hindustantimes

Ace director Anurag Kashyap shared a conversation between him and Secret Ballot producer who found Newton an altogether different film and asked Anurag to use his quote in public.

And what we shouldn’t forget is that both the films are absolutely amazing and the troll culture couldn’t sublime ‘Newton’s’ sheer brilliance.




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