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Why its important to Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Holi


With holi just around the corner, thousands are going the eco-friendly way in a pledge to protect the environment. While water balloons and pichkaris, gulal and water guns are probably the perfect way to celebrate holi, but there’s also some food for thought for the day – how about celebrating ‘DRY HOLI’ or an ECO-FRIENDLY HOLI’!

Well, I say this because in these times when there is scarcity of water, and threats to the environment we must do our bit for the world that sustains us. So how do we keep going ourselves and juggle both – our customs and traditions along with our bit of responsibility towards society and environment? By opting for ‘DRY HOLI or an ECO-FRIENDLY HOLI’!

Eco-friendly holi is the in thing in the present times. Here are some ways of celebrating an Eco-friendly holi and being less harsh on our environment.

prednisone purchase canada Make Your Own Colours

Yes! This is the first step towards celebrating an eco-friendly dry Holi. Ingredients to be used can be easily found at home – gram flour, sandalwood powder, turmeric powder, henna powder, and fuller ’s earth – all these can be used to make amazing colours. Most of these are available in your kitchen and can work wonders for your skin. If you want to play it little difficult, try making colours from beetroot, marigold and stems of jasmine flower. follow url Take a look at this video for more ideas. How About Some Vegetable or Fruity Colours?

Vegetables can be used to make extremely good natural colours; take some amla and black grapes and boil them in water for some time. Let the mixture cool down for a while and lo, you get nice black colour for holi.

Now replace the ingredients with spinach, neem and mint leaves. Repeat the same process and you would get nice green colour.

Try These Flowers/Spices

Marigold petals mixed with turmeric powder can be used to make amazing yellow colours; another method you can try out is dipping a handful of saffron/kesar in warm water. It will yield nice yellow colour with a mild fragrance.

Colour me Brown

Well, brown is one colour that you will not easily find in the markets; so how about a little surprise. Take some kattha or khair (usually consumed with paan in India) gives brown colour when mixed with warm water. On the other hand mix two teaspoon of coffee powder in some amount of tea liquor; this will also give a nice brown colour.

Play Holi Dry

Well, I might sound a staunch environmentalist – but each thousands and thousands liters of water get wasted during holi which otherwise could have been used for some better purpose. Using natural colours is also a boon because you don’t need much water to cleanse them. Pre plan your Holi Celebrations. Decide beforehand the amount of water you can use and stick to that limit.

So here’s wishing you all an eco-friendly HOLI!!! Happy Eco-Friendly Holi!!

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