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Why is my life so shit?


Do you really think your life is awesome and going well smoothly like runway at Airport :D then I would welcome you to write a comment below. I know shit happens to everyone…I am not alone :D

I really feel these things and believe it happens with everyone:

  1. On salary day, you feel like the richest person of the world but you are back to square one in a few days.
  2. When you come to office to do innovative stuff but end up doing the regular. Why, because you have a boss :).
  3. When you think to buy something new , you get Credit, electricity, water, room rent bills … ;)
  4. Stress comes from many sources; Work pressure, home from mummy papa [to marry soon], friends and sometimes your own expectations ;)
  5. Loss/Grief- it includes death of a loved one, end of a relationship or even friendship…
  6. In night, you dream so much and you think that Yes! I can achieve anything, but when you wakeup all things will go kaput :P
  7. Social Factors:
  • Like your family and you are going through tough times…
  • Feeling bored or uninspired…
  • New place/job/home…
  • Home sick- staying away alomst 2000km from Home, really it gives more Home sick… you can not move in birthday celebrations..sometimes you can not participate in Marriages …


For me:  I stay in Bangalore and its almost 200okm far from my hometown Patna. Most of the time I really feel home sick and miss my home food, mummy, papa, my Grandfather, my family, my childhood friends … :( . Initially it was more tough to make new friends and to mingle in a new culture, but finally its good now and I really love to be in Bangalore . 

But, thanks to social media, blogs , Gadgets and technology

  1. I can call my parents anytime
  2. I can make new friends over G+ and others platforms
  3. I can use G+ hangouts
  4. Music
  5. Dance [but alone and make sure no one is watching] :P

I know some more points maybe coming to your mind, so either you can leave a comment below! Else share it on social media and tag me.

Thanking you to reading this! you are awesome :)

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