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Why I fell in love with Facebook’s #YearInReview


I used the #YearInReview tool yesterday and instantly loved it. Then I saw a few criticizing the same. I guess that comes easy to humans because it is easy to criticize and very tough (considering its human nature) to appreciate. This time though I feel even the worst critics had no reasons to boomerang. Here is why.

1. #YearinReview made us relive our last year in 4-5 scrolls. This consisted of our most liked photos, most shared pictures and posts, the achievements of the year and much more. There couldn’t have been a better way to say thanks to us, the facebookers. I felt special and frankly more special than the day LinkedIn told me that my profile is one of the top 1% of the most viewed profiles globally.

2. I have almost shared all my big moments of last year on Facebook. And when I saw #YearInReview, it beautifully captured all of it. Whether it was my first ever single photo with Arvind Kejriwal, the new hero of India, or the major Hangout on Air I did with political personalities or some nice personal pictures, #YearInReview wonderfully recapped it. Isn’t that brilliant and only a product like Facebook could have pulled it off.

3. Just for the sheer thought that Facebook did not had to do this. We already are in LOVE with it. Its always an open tab on our laptops, the app is right there on our phones, open all the time, and still as the year ended, Facebook decided to stun us in a special way, show us what it could do with the memories we have had last year and made us aware that Facebook is just not yet another platform but the  go site REAL SOCIAL NETWORK.

Honestly, I also tried hard to find faults but apart from a few important pictures of last year that #YearInReview missed, there was nothing I could find against it. It was at least much better than the platform sending you a plain Thank You card. This one was for you, made by yours.

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