nar charitra
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Why are men and their ways so outright confusing!?


100 mg neurontin In Bengali it is said – Nar charitra boroee joteel!

(Men and their choices| desires |needs…are so very confusing indeed!)

When Dharmendra went for Hema leaving his average looking first wife (Prakash) for the dream girl – we, the commoners, discussed among ourselves that it was but obvious for any man to fall for such an ‘exquisite beauty’ that Hema Malini was. Fine – so far so good. Very soon another shocker came – Kamal Hassan dumped his beautiful wife Vani for an average looking and less talented Sarika!! Now what the hell huh!?

Really it is very difficult to appease/ please men. …and when it comes to Indian men – one must not even try to!


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