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When We Were At A Goan Rave Party

Dec 21: 2012:

http://misterpaulsenglish.com/2017/09/ 4:30 am- This was the day the world was supposed to end. Our day was just starting. We got off a bus in the morning, and we checked Google maps to just understand, where in Udupi we were. We were to catch a train at 6:20 in the morning, to get to a place, that Lonely Planet appropriately describes as the place India goes to escape India. When the morning sun, started to show up, we were on the train to Madgoan, leaning by the footboard on the second class sleeper coach. The vistas were changing every few minutes, and we were humorously speaking on what view of the world we would have when the world ends. That second before we realize the world was about to end, what would happen, what would we be thinking, how would the world end? With that for the audio, and the scenery outside we assumed that something fine was brewing up for the day.

http://truecom.com/producten-en-oplossingen/security/159-real-time-fiber-optic-monitoring 10:00 pm– The day so far had been entertaining, with no signs of the world ending. We were in the northern part of Goa, and we observed on Facebook that there was an “End of the World” party happening nearby from where the mobile GPS. We walked over, and noticed that the place, had an eerie feel. The place had psychedelic lighting, and I had a tough time, trying to observe who else was at the restaurant. There were a couple of people, and they informed me that the party was cancelled, and if I was still interested, that I should drive to a temple, with a faded white paint and a certain shape of the dome, and wait there to listen where the sounds were coming from and then find follow the sound, into the little forest to see what was happening.

It sounded eerie, and interesting. I was to anyway travel back to our hotel and no other plans for the night, so I asked my friend if he was interested in exploring this place. Both of us were vegetarian, and were anything but party animals, but we were quite intrigued by what happens in an outdoor party, and the task of discovering a place just by directions. My friend was more interested in correlating this with the term “Rave Party”, which everyone going to Goa, has heard, but has never been part of one. Most Indians who don’t find a rave party, find a way to keep the frustration low, but quietly end up going to Titos and end up clicking pictures for the world to see how great their Goa trip was. My friend said, it’s a chance for us to not go that way, and explore some new place. So we set off on our rented bike, driving on a hilly road, as the landscape undulated between an ascent and a descent.

It was pitch dark, as this part of Goa, does not have hotels, bars, or any trace of civilization, except for the odd sprinkling of colored houses, where coated in a bulb shade of halogen. We were driving for about 20 minutes, in search of a temple, that was faded white in colour, and had a certain shape for its dome. We were not quite able to see anything on our drive that nearly matched what the lady had said. I decided to look right, and my friend who was driving looked left, and we were intently searching for the temple. Apart from our conversation, we started to hear somebody else nearby, who was on an Enfield bike. A long haired, shirtless foreigner came closer to us, and slowed down his bike, and asked if we had any idea of a temple nearby. We told him, we too were searching for the same temple. With him, we drove for 10 more minutes, before we arrived at a temple, a little deeper down the mud path we were driving on. The temple was in a shade of yellow, and there was no sound coming anywhere near, except our own voices.

We sighed and drove a little more, keeping a directional track of how far our trip back to civilization would be. We saw a French couple, driving a Honda Activa, also searching for the same temple. ….

Excerpt from the book “Stumbling Upon a Rave Party in Goa” written by Kartik Kannan. To purchase the book(only in Amazon Kindle Version), please buy it here!

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