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What We Shall Read, is at Discretion…

FacebookTwitterGoogleLinkedIn Rabindranath Tagore said – “We Indian read foreigner’s history”.
All we read is defeats, intrusions, every other monument built by some intruders. Our study material is vetted by government, and MIND YOU – they would like to make us know that they want to…
Indian history that we study was being designed by a Briton named – Sir Alexander Cunningham. His task was to establish Muslim right on Indian territory, hence making them righteous about India, and then create religious dispute between Hindu and Muslims.
His name defines his task – “ CUNNING”-ham.
Young students can never know about India’s past glory.
In our text books – Our medieval history is majorly composed of Mughal Kingdom glorious era.
Every other fort and monument is built by some Muslim king, as if before their intrusion Indian kings used to stay at roadside ghettos. Huh… if there was nothing established in India, then for what did they came for ?? To build Taj Mahal and Red fort in our country ??
Hilarious enough that Mughals dedicated a tomb for Safdurjung in Mughal Delhi, being Safdurjung loyal to the Marathas, who helped Safdurjung against war with the Rohillas, who were in alliance with the Mughals.
Delhi was the capital of Prithviraj Chauhan’s kingdom and in  enter Prithviraj Raso by  Chand Bardai, there’s a mention of Lal Kot, in the banks of Yamuna…. Any wild guesses, what could it be ??
Red Fort —- BINGO…!!!
People still celebrates Ram Lila in Ram Lila Maidan, adjacent to Red Fort. I don’t think if a Mughal king would have made Red Fort, he would have allowed to perform Ram Lila adjacent to his campus.
Reference book – Some Blunders Of Indian Historical Research by P.N Oak.
There’s an elaborated research about other facts, like Taj Mahal controversy in this book.
This book was banned, by Indira Gandhi govt, obviously, who would want to lose vote banks, rather, let’s distort facts.
Now let’s come to modern history –
“Indian freedom struggle was led by INC under the leadership of M.K Gandhi – The Father of The Nation”.
Gandhi landed in India on 9th Jan 1915, and then he became The Father Of The Nation… Huh
Freedom revolt started since 1857, that is around 58 yrs ago. Where do we study, what happened in these 58 years…. Nowhere. All these events and rebellion has been quarantined, and shall never be made available to the young generation, who could just see the opening lines in text books that –
“Indian freedom struggle was led by The INC under the leadership of M.K Gandhi – The Father of The Nation”.
Typing only first 2 words gives you complete line in google search tab..!!
Why aren’t we taught that British Raj was kicked out of Kolkata by Jugantar party led by Jatindranath Mukherjee (Bagha Jatin) and were made relocate their capital in Delhi. Bourgeoisie uprising under  Bagha Jatin’s leadership made it hard for continuing with British Raj capital in Kolkata. Capital shift was firstly denied by Earl Of Crew, since they could not afford this cost during WWI. But on Lord Hardinge insistence, they sifted their capital in complete haste (within 3.5 months), and initially they resided in civil lines in Delhi, till the time Lutyens came up with Connaught Place.
We study in our text book as capital shift reasons for some demographic and cultural mismatch amongst regions like Bengal – Chotanagpur plateau – Assam.

Bull Shit – after around 156 years they realized demographic mismatch.

We study that Bhagat Singh and his organization – Hindustan Socialist Republican Association revolted against the dominion status of India.
But even after that we accepted Dominion Status under Congress’s consent till we became Republic on 26th Jan 1950.

British Empire recruiting army from her dominion colonies

Indian constitution has granted us The Right To Education – but content of education will be decided at ruling party’s discretion.

School education is the basic education in a person’s life, and it has been distorted at somebody’s will. This way we shall never be able to know, what our identity is and what were our actual glories.
LIKE – make them study their history as –
They have been intruded several times,
All the glorious monuments have been made by the intruders (I take that with a pinch of salt),
Indian has got her freedom because of INC.

How much do we get to study about The Chalukya’s, The Gupta Period, The Maurya Period – The Golden Era of India and of’ course The Bengal Bourgeoisie revolution in our school text books – a paragraph or two…

Believe you me – Till date our knowledge has been manipulated by The Congress – The Ruling Party and of’ course with influence of the British Crown.
Distorting history by concealing Rajput king’s victories over Muslim intrusions from Afghanistan, Persia, Turkey, Samarkhand, etc. – Rather Indian king’s property has been allocated to their name.
Head to tail of India’s freedom struggle glories has been granted to INC leaders. 
Content of the study material in our education system, has been manipulated in such a way, that it ensures no blasphemy does ever develops against The Congress and The Royal Crown.
Education department should be an independent body, reporting to The President of India.

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