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Weekend Break from Kolkata – Taki, Hasnabad – 1


If you are tired of the concrete jungle of Kolkata and looking for some respite, you can always choose to opt for a gateway that is bound to make you feel better always. Not far away from the city, Taki is an upcoming tourist spot lying across the Ichhmati river. This river is the region’s main attraction overlooking Bangladesh. An imaginary line in the river divides the waters of India and Bangladesh. Here are some images of Taki.

1. Bangladesh across the border

2. A Lonely Boat in the Ichhamati

3. Monsoon clouds Over the Ichhamati – An Amazing site to beheld

While tourist booklets will tell you mostly about the boast ride at Icchhamati River and the Maachranga Deep, Taki is best explored on foot, especially if you are a true wandering soul. The locality is bound to give you a feel of rural Bengal. Just take a casual stroll all around the place and get the feel. Needless to say that you cannot escape clicking all through.

Spread across 129 acres of land, the formation of Maacchhranga Island has an interesting story to narrate. The island was partially washed away by the cyclone hit the eastern coast of India in 2009. However, the government still maintains it as a picnic spot. You would take merely 30 minutes to each the island.

Another view of the Maachranga Deep (Kingfisher Island)


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