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Vote for a better India tomorrow


BJP first wanted to fight under the brand of Modi, then got the brand Kiran Bedi, then gagged her, and now Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh and Vankaiah Naidu are saying the election result won’t be a referendum on Modi.

Plus the manifesto prepared by Dr. Harsh was shelved. Delhi BJP workers refused to campaign and Central BJP had to import workers from other states and take help from RSS (who helped half heartedly).

Frustrated, the BJP resorted to cheap, crass and abusive campaign that embarrassed a lot of decent people supporting BJP. The BJP not just attacked Arvind Kejriwal, but also his family, his caste and then his integrity. For all his flaws, this was uncalled for. Personally I feel Delhi BJP should’ve been more positive.

I’ve donated twice to AAP and the experience has been plain awesome. Not only I got an instant SMS and an email, my name also got displayed within a minute on the donation list website. Personally I’ve no doubts on the clean funding of AAP. There can be more vetting required in case of offline donation, but I see the intent is present.

Now not only major opinion polls but also the punters are saying that AAP will get compete majority. And AAP should get complete majority. India needs two good leaders competing with each other and this rivalry will benefit Indian democracy, making it more mature. Modi will force Arvind to deliver and Arvind will force Modi to deliver. Frankly, most of us don’t take any other political parties seriously.

You gave Modi complete mandate and you should give Arvind complete mandate. And he’s a man with vision for Delhi, unlike Delhi BJP that is in tatters with not even a manifesto. The Delhi Dialogue is prepared with the best of Indian minds (Arvind is only one of the many involved in it), so I can vouch for it.

Go vote for AAP!

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