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Unbridled sex ..but only for the handicapped – mind it – Film Review: MWAS!


Sad film indeed.

is it safe to order prednisone online Helen Keller — ‘ I cried   because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet’

First lesson learnt – Never ever crib or be depressed for whatever reason – there is so much more pain in this world! Here, in our world, normal or so called able humans are committing suicide because of relationship failures or money matters – and here we see that a girl – born to a well-to-do family of course, tries to live her life…by leaning things from the ways of the world!

The easy access to porn world available to children and youths

Film also shows the ease with which the youth and even children have access to porn cinema , images and web sites! Environment makes a man after all…so in spite of being talented – like having the ability to do creative writing, compose music etc. she (the disabled kalki in the film) was more keen on downloading porn sites and fantasize things plus masturbate as well – she took the risk of masturbating while being in the same room as her younger brother! Poor her..and her brother…and her mother..and her father!

Better not interfere in anybody’s sexual preferences

The movie also subtly conveys to the world that human beings can take to bisexuality, trisexuality or even multisexuality…or even decide to remain unisexual all their lives – it should not be anyone’s bloody business to interfere in anybody’s sexual preferences! But since this is India and Indian parents are very concerned about their children and are doubly concerned about what is being sown on their gullible minds…the producer and the director had to be extra careful before delivering this message openly – so they made use of a cerebral palsy patient – who basically will awaken this understanding in us that nobody has the right to interfere in anybody’s sexual preferences! Wow! So basically paedophiles can have a good time now and the cops will not have to persecute any peadophile …. as we, the people, will awaken to this great understanding of human nature (esp. sexual nature) ! Similarly, even rapists should go scot free – because it is the preference of a rapist to forcibly land on Thailand….(thigh land – poor joke)! The Indian film makers could not have conveyed this great message by some ‘supposedly’ normal citizen…else we, the Indians, would have probably throttled them!

margarita with a straw aumaparna

Probable Repercussions in India:

We are already aware of the atrocities that go on in asylums or in clinics/ homes where physically disabled children and adults live – like their parents or relatives arrange to keep them in an environment where similar people live and they can befriend each other and spend time.

I have read in many magazines as to how the poor girls & boys (mentally challenged, genetically handicapped etc.) are molested/ raped by the care-takers themselves (some care takers not all of course)!

After watching such a film, those corrupt people will increase their atrocities…..since the film showed how desperate such people can be to experience sex!

Anyway, sad film, very sad indeed!

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