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Udta Punjab- All oddities against the humble city


Didn’t we read Punjab as the land of five rivers?Have Punjabis forgotten the gratefulness of Bhagat Singh and other martyrs? The movie ,Udta Punjab ,wants the audience to perceive certain loopholes contemporary Punjab possesses, which was once rich in culture and generosity, through the eyes of director,Abhishek Choubey and editor,Megha Sen. The movie ,splendidly directed, however ends abruptly. What needs to be remembered is the powerful acting of Shahid-Alia which plays a foil to the Diljit-Karina. Although the music needed to be crucial at times,yet it was praiseworthy.

If one was engrossed in taking drugs and opium,the other tries his best to eradicate it from the land,the city rich in lucidity.What attracts me most is the role of Karina Kapoor Khan who tries to boost up and cultivate the poor minds of the youngsters by practising medicines. It was tragically her life which was finally but unknowingly claimed by his lover’s sibbling,who was also engulfed and trapped in the web of ” Udta Punjab “.

That’s the tragedy of the movie ,the unique composition in the most recent times.

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