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Types Of Young Women In Delhi


follow link behenjiThe Behenji: The behenji is the stalwart of the Indian middle class. Normally travels by bus or can be seen haggling in the street corner to take an auto. Wears a suit to please the parents but wears jeans while going out with friends. Jeans are normally boot cuts with large embellishments and embroidery on the back that makes it easy to distinguish from normal women. Thinks she knows English but drops grammatical gems like “I has finished it”. Also forms the bulk of people who smell of Chameli ka Tel and have confined themselves to their fate of getting married to their parents choice. Deviants are hacked to death by its own family.

click here Lurex-Embroidered-Cotton-Denim-JeansThe Chanel: Normally found outside select high-end restaurants getting off her chauffer driven SUV with sunglasses that cover 3/4th of the face. Normally wears tight jeans and sleeveless shirts and is 63% fairer than her behenji counterpart. Enjoys a Sunday brunch after the weekly spa treatment and generally lives off daddy’s money before settling with a foreign born NRI who she meets at a stint in a mediocre British university. Multiple close up shots of the face can be found as the Facebook display pictures and prides self on talking about poor children she donated money to at the parties. Known to only goto sleep in flowery night gowns.

buy Lyrica online australia The Rocker: Girls with more eye shadow and kajal. Normally gets her first ear piercing or chin stud at the age of 15 after which there’s only one way to go i.e. up! Enjoys a pitcher of beer and likes hanging out, preferably in black t-shirts where she can be found discussing the subtleties of Dark Side of the Moon before flipping to her most favourite subject i.e. when and rockerwhere to get her tattoo. Normally considers behenji’s and chanel’s to be an insult to women and the cause of backwardness of fellow Indian women. Is usually smarter and more politically active than other women before eventually running away with her boyfriend (who dies a few years later of a drug overdose or bike accident, or cleans up her act and becomes daddy’s little girl. Senior rocker chicks can be heard reminiscing about the good old days at every possible social re-union.

The Pop-A-Cherry: This is the most innocent of the single women. Largely a mix between a behenji and a chanel, the pop a cherry can be described as a normal, fair to wheatish complexioned woman who is comfortable in traditional and regular western clothes both, but has been shielded by her family and thus knows very little about the world. Despite looking like a modern woman, her views are largely traditional and her favourite actor is often Shah Rukh Khan. More liberal families allow her to get a job where her levels of socio-cultural understanding increase significantly causing her to either completely bunk her childhood values or hold onto them stronger than ever. Depends a lot on her family for support and involves them in most decision making processes before eventually embarking on creating one of her own.

how many mg does it take to overdose on lexapro The Socialist: The socialist can be seen wearing lots of Fabindia and ethnic Indian clothing and owns a large collection of junk jewellery. Is usually a student of arts and culture and can be seen at most cultural events in the city. The female socialist is the most neutral of all women in that they appeal to people of all forms. Often has friends across the spectrum of behenjis, rockers, rappers, Chanel’s and fellow socialists as she realises that either one can come in handy some day, unless she has a pure heart and really cares about humanity on the whole. Can have an intense debate about human rights in Tibet before starting to talk about her favourite Bryan Adams song. Is also a big fan of Bob Dylan (8 times out of 10) and feels that Bollywood objectifies women excessively. Does not really need to make money as the family has enough but pursues higher studies in culture, humanitarian, history & arts before working for/starting an NGO to give herself a sense of purpose. Thinks her thoughts and writings are unique but are largely shitty and not worth the piece of paper they are written on.

$T2eC16JHJHEFFl1d5l,JBRZ4YTPGsQ~~60_35The Hottie: The hottie is the woman who knows she is hot and does everything in her power to continue to exude her hotness. Has been asked out by half the class in high school and keeps a very select bunch of friends. Is normally a Chanel or a pseudo-socialist. Always keeps a tagger around her to remind herself that she is the best of what’s around. Normally has more guy friends than women and likes it that way. Normally thought of as arrogant by other women and commonly referred to as a slut by other women/men.

k3g25The Tagger: The tagger is the hottie’s accomplice and is always found next to her in shopping trips, brunches and other social outing. The hottie and the tagger provide each other a mutual benefit i.e. the tagger feels wanted and finds a sense of purpose while the hottie always reminds herself of how hot she is by looking at the tagger and feeling bad for her.

The Expat: The expat is the Indo-phile or general traveller who comes to India looking for adventure and to learn more about herself. Socialist expats quickly assimilate themselves into their cultural surroundings and learn more about photothe city than their resident counterparts. Capitalist expats on the other hand only frequent places that deserve their whiteness. Normally find a loaded native boyfriend to show them around the country and fulfil other desires before moving on to the next country and repeating the cycle. Are very good for the economy and can be hired for cheap to add diversity and flavour to events and parties of all kinds.


  1. This article is i m sorry to say absolute rubbish. Its largely stereotypical and refers to women in an extremely degenerated manner.

    1. yet it cant be true enough….and even you know it despite the fact that you are acting all high and mighty thinking this is a stereotyped article. so stop with you fakeness and learn to live with the truth…because if this article was about the kind of men found in india…i can tell you now what your comment would have been.

  2. I agree with purva. lol, it’s funny, cause you obviously dont get laid, considering your views on all these women. you sound like a spurned lover, spurned by all of those types of women. terrible writing.

  3. Cannot believe that someone put in an effort to write this piece of shit. Here’s some stereotyping for you – ‘The Idiot’! Go get an education.

  4. What utter bullshit. Thick observational skills, lack-lustre, degrading humor. Resolve your issues, sir.

  5. Pretty pathetic article. Looks like you’ve never met a woman in your entire life, including your own mother.

  6. I would like the author to explain the purpose of this article. I’m not quite certain if it’s supposed to be ironic, comic or just a general observation. Either way, you should have tried to be less “gyaani”, from what I observed, you only managed to piss people off instead of making them laugh.

    P.s. Maybe you needed at lead to explain the purpose?

  7. Thank you guys ( When I say guys , consider it as a figure of speech . I am equally grateful to the female segment of homo sapiens ) . I mean , I started writing blog at the tender age of 19 , and I turned 23 few days back ( if you plan on addressing me as stereotypical or moron , I have contacts with underworld . So dont risk your life ) . But if you did not flunk in maths , you see that I have spent more than four years talking to you people . I have an entire bunch of friends I have never seen , but have helped me more than a ‘visible’ friend would have . I guess I would tell you about the kind of experiences I have had interacting with people I have never seen someday , but for now , just know that whenever I read a comment , good or bad , I feel grateful because you could have spent that moment scratching yourself . And more so now , at a time when things are not very easy in terms of support from the people around ( notice the diplomatic use of language ) , your wishes mean a lot to me . I really don’t consider this blog as a story I tell . I consider it as a conversation with each one of you . And thanks for being nice enough and unemployed enough to talk to me .

    1. As a blogger who also started at the tender age of 18,, over 11 years ago, the first lesson you will need to learn is to appreciate and not insult the people who read you. Take pride in your work, and when there are differing views, appreciate your critics. For one you write in English, and someone has corrected terminology that you’ve used.. correct your article, or Thank them for the observation. And if you intended your comment above to be humourous, here’s the truth. You’re not funny, Russel Peters is! That’s why he can make sexist observations and people actually pay money to see him. There’s a fine line between humour and offending, take the comments as feedback that you don’t know that line yet.

  8. Nicely written and a well segmented one Robin… Guys! women are a type of nature, that nobody can explain in their entire life. So, when you have tried to make possible such an impossible thing… it seems really a proper waste of time and you did it in such a way that is pulling the crowed to deny your perception. So, you have tried something to put something solid on a liquid platform… Great effort man… you tried abstract, you wrote it… enjoy reading it.

  9. All this bitterness against women. Awwww…you just aren’t getting any, are you? You must be that guy who did just about ok in class to make it to a B-grade college which means you lack not just the looks but also the intelligence to be considered impressive by even a “Tagger.” So you took to watching women because what better way to improve your chances with them than to try to figure out just who they are? And the results were appalling. When you continued to stalk the “Behenji” she decided to say “I has finished it” hoping you will leave her alone…and you did! (Women:1; Robin:0). You then tried your luck with the “Chanel” but you quickly realized you can’t keep up with her financially-independent albeit consumerist lifestyle (Women:2; Robin:0) so you turned your attention to the “Rocker” who knew in her gut that she would rather kill her brain cells using alcohol and drugs than by spending time with you (Women:3; Robin:0). The “Pop-a-Cherry” looked like a nice mix to you but she found your lifestyle far too boring and stopped returning your calls (Women:4; Robin:0). The “Socialist” found you sexist (Women: 5; Robin:0); the “Hottie” wouldn’t even look at you (Women:6; Robin:0), the “Tagger” realized that even her low self-esteem couldn’t force her into going on a date with you (Women:7; Robin:0); and the “Expat” complained that you thought you were smart and funny but came up with stereotypical bulls*it like this (Women:8; Robin:0).

    But keep trying. I’m sure you’ll find some luck, somewhere, some day…

  10. to all those women who think this article is stereotypical and chauvinistic in nature… i havnt seen more double standard ed people than you lot. if this article was was about anything related to men…i can tell you all right now what your comment would have been. so stop whining and take this in humor (which im absolutely sure is an unnatural concept for you).

  11. You are just so sad:-) actually more than anything i feel so sad for you that it is funny in a weird way:-) lol!!!

  12. Liked the article but reading the comments was amazing!!! come on ppl don’t you have any sense on humor… Like others have said before, if this was about categorizing men, then there wouldn’t have been any issue at all.

    Plus the author’s sex life should seriously be none of your business…

  13. I won’t write about how it was degrading to women by stereotyping narrowed observations.
    Just that, it not a “socialist”. I think you meant “socialite”

  14. To the one who has written this…looks like you have only observed nothing else but women in your life till now, try doing something else you might get some better results. 🙂

    Anyways wish you good luck with your next article it could be guys like me, I had great time reading the comments than your article anyways. Go ahead and observe mens, animals and more you can think off. 😀

  15. OMG! Could it be that just coz u find something funny doesn’t mean it’s funny to everyone else? Let’s be clear that there is no absolute standard for funny. I can see why some people find this funny but I don’t and the last time I checked I was defending my views and not herding along.

    Challenge to Robin: since your readers claim that women will go nuts laughing on an article on Delhi Men, why don’t you write one? Instead of debating an abstract idea, this is fairly easy to implement and test. So go for it…

  16. I like the article.. But I think there is still scope to extend this.. There are even more types of girls.. You really need to explore more.. No worries.. A long way to go.. I can introduce u one of the types.. She is blend of Modern and Traditional values.. U can give her any name.. I am actually not too good at that.. Such type of girls are independent.. They are liberal.. They will party late night.. They may or may not love liquor.. But will always keep their family values above anything else.. That is not because they are afraid of their parents.. No not atall.. Thats because they love their parents so much that they won’t do anything that they know wouldnt be liked by their parents…They just give respect to the independence and trust their parents have shown in them… When it comes to dressing, they can be hot at one time, and totally tom boyish at the other. They will completely turn into a sexy and girly when you take out for a date.. And will lace up her runners or sports shoes to give u good competition when u r trekking, running, hiking or doing any adventurous or sports activity.. She is not a socialists, but will fight for herself, for good.. She might or might not be rich… but will never allow her boyfriend to spend on her always… She might travel in autos, buses or metros but is cool enough to handle any situation and any type of people… Such type of girls carries happy go lucky nature and have larger friend circles with equal number of girls and boys in her group… She will marry a guy of her choice but will never elope.. She will never ditch her bf but will leave no stone unturned to make her parents accept her choice.. This is because she values each and every kind of relationship she shares with anyone.. Be it be her father, mother, sibling, bf, best friend..

    I am not that good in writing.. But hopefully this will help u to categorize girls with wider outlook… And can add a new type to your blog.. I love ur article..

    1. @Jasmin: my mind is blown after reading that comment. I shall get back with a more interesting response once the boner subsides. (I’m not saying whose :P) Also, a woman has told me to be gentle after a very long time. So i shall savour this moment. I am glad you made the choice to write. That said, i am sure, someday you will find something to offend the sensibility of others soon enough.

  17. Aanchal Anand ….Loved your repartee which I did find humourous rather than the article which was quite incomplete ….

  18. I find it amusing that some ppl feel so offended by this article. Although the author may not cover all the types of girls as one described above, people declaring him as the a misogynist of all time are the biggest hypocrites.

  19. Well from this article it’s pretty apparent that you’ve never gotten any, and never even known any real women in your life. This isn’t a list of “types of young women in Delhi”, it’s a list of “how I assume all women are, by sticking to stereotypes”. I own several Chanel dresses, as well as fab India clothes. I love rock music and have zero piercing and guess what? My boyfriend is not a drug abuser. I have strong political views, and haggle with auto drivers every time I step out in my tight jeans and expensive sunglasses. And you know what? There are MILLION others like me, types of women who can’t just be branded into one ‘category’ by your inferior and degenerate brain. Gosh, I’m SO glad I don’t personally know any men like you (See? I refuse to stereotype men, I don’t go about saying ‘all men are asswipes’ just become YOU happen to be a prime example), I’d have strangled you to death already.
    Grow the fuck up dude. And oh, maybe try to get an education while you’re at it? Cause judging from this article, it seems like you haven’t gotten any.

  20. I might not be a Delhi girl. What’s up with the content?! Horrible! It seemed like a humourous topic. But it turned out to be a blog in poor taste! Sorry, hope your next one is better bro!

  21. Meanwhile I was busy growing up every minute and finding out ways to attain nirvana some people ( specially the begrudged feminist segment who find this article as stereotyped) managed to get obsessed with the article.

    So here’s my somber comment for all those who hate my article:
    You probably need to be more disregardful to make fun of this article, all you words have fallen flat and have managed to impress none not even the “Yo Yo Honey Singh” segment (These kind of boys shops mainly at Palika Bazaar and gaffer market and likes everything with a woofer and bling. Can be normally seen with friends from same category with a weirdo kind off hair style. They think Yo Yo Honey Singh is the coolest person to have ever be born but know nothing about the history and purpose of the genre. Ultimate aim in life to use parents money to buy a gold tooth. Also hang out in their own posse and have few (if any) women friends.

  22. I read the comments before the post and hence went into it with a slightly more open mind. Sadly though, this was a grossly stereotypical take on women,bordering on the offensive. Even if I wanted to believe that this was meant to be a largely facetious piece of writing women, I would have a hard time convincing myself. Stats like 63% fairer, or 8/10 women like Dylan only severed to underscore the mediocrity of your thoughts. Perhaps a few minutes spent considering the verisimilitude of your words might have been well served. The comments were a fun read nevertheless.

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