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Top 7 Indian Movies On College Life


Friendship-Love-college: These are proven formulas to create buzz in Bollywood. Like a Chetan Bhagat story, three friends, one girl, clashes, ego, emotions, friendship and many more masala items are often put on reel to produce a box office success; this actually works!

Why is college life so catchy? Several reasons are there. College life is something to be remembered forever. Friendship, unlimited fun, new ideas of life, coolness and relations are basic human desires and we find all these in college life. There have been several films on this part of the life. Here I produce 5 of my favourites.

watch Rang De Basanti: go to link A reaction on the outdated government system; this movie was a trendsetter in Indian Cinema. Movie was more about the new generation decision-making and how important friends are during college Haasil: This one was made on how Politics impacts student life. The love factor was perfectly fitted. How politics becomes a source of power and the way few people mix their personal desires in a wrong way was the major focus in this movie. The cast was awesome and that added to the beauty.

Three Idiots: A must must watch. The movie is all about friendship, education, hostel life and everything you can remember. Based on a strong storyline written by Chetan Bhagat in 5 point someone, this movie presents the entire college life packed in 3 odd hours.

Yuva: The name signifies a lot. The movie was based on political and social responsibilities of college students.

Yaar Anmulle: This is a Punjabi movie based on a story of three friends – who are studying in a university and staying in same hostel. The movie explores friendship between these three as they spend their student days doing stuff students normally do. The title track is simply awesome! Please use a translator tool, if you don’t know the language.


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