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Top 5 Ways to Avoid Swine Flu


As many as 51 more people have died due to swine flu in the country raising the toll to 926 even as the number of those affected by the H1N1 virus breached the 16,000 mark today. With the first case of swine flu reported in Manipur, the risk seem to rise higher.

Are these figures giving you jitters? Wondering how to avoid falling prey to this deadly disease? Well, firstly do not PANIC; there is no need. Mentioned below are a few ways of preventing this disease; most of them can be done at home.

follow Tulsi

Take a handful of fresh Tulsi leaves, was them properly and have. Do this early in the morning. Loaded with therapeutic properties, Tulsi (basil) helps in cleaning throats and lungs, and also strengthens immunity.

http://kayspears.com/services/weight-management/hcg-diet/ Camphor/Kapoor

A small piece of camphor, around the size of a small tablet is to be taken with a glass of water. For children mix the same amount either with milk or with some mashed potatoes. But camphor is not supposed to be taken regularly; once in a month is enough dosage.

get link Raw Garlic

Those who can eat raw garlic – this can be one of the most useful ways of curtailing this deadly disease; take two pods of raw garlic with lukewarm water early in the morning. This activity also helps in strengthening immunity.

Milk with Turmeric

Our very own haldi ka doodh is extremely good and acts as an immunity booster; you can have this every alternate night.

Do Pranayaam Regularly

Yes; do Pranayaam regularly, but under some guidance if not initiated into it. You can also go for morning walks and evening walks as these will help you keep your lungs clean and refreshed.

On a final note ensure that you use a mask and was your hands every 30 minutes; do not forget to wash hands after coming from a public space; keep a sanitizer handy and use it as required.

Keep healthy!

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