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This Independence Day, do we all Indians feel “Cornered”?


The ex IPL chief keeps getting slapped with coloured corners; while Sushma Swaraj is cornered by the Gandhis while Gandhis are cornerned by Sushma and party; while the government is cornered by opposition and the opposition is cornered by the government..while consenting adults are cornered by the cops, while porn is no more “watch in the corner” thing and while terrorists from across borders sneek in from all corners..the question remains to be answered where does that leave the people of our country..in the corner ???

Life isn’t as easy as it seems right?..while we are watched,told or banned there cant be a better spot to hide than a… corner! Issues like child sex abuse, poverty, education, malnutrition, farmer suicides and other more graver and significant tags which need to see the light of day are shoved to the corner.

Of course it is rather important to instead stall parliamentary proceedings, show arrogance, hold the country to a corner. We are a democracy hence by default we can do what we feel like. The common man too thrives in the democracy which is orchestrated by the law makers, so called ministers and leaders while we dance to their tunes. We pay taxes,we make those never ending journeys to the other corner of the world to work every single day, we dream, we need, we voice, we show the mirror, we vote and yet we end up being cornered.

As we gear up to celebrate the 69th year of our country’s hard fought Independence.. Flags will be hoisted..anthems will be sung..patrons will be dressed in vibrant colours .. songs of patriotism will fill the air.. another holiday will pass by,leaving all our worries for a day in the “corner”.

Yet forever optimistic generation that we are, the sight of a better tomorrow still lingers in the “corner” of my eye.


  1. Good post Joy! I’m sure most of us feel the same and more.
    I may not be facing it day to day, but reading about things that happen every day in the country, from online newspapers gets me frustrated often.

    Being positive like you said and being vocal about stuff that we feel is not right, is a good way to go.

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