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Think of Tarishi, one with the stars

This eid, spare a moment for Tarishi Jain. She, the one who of a religion that preaches and practices the ideology of live and let live, was killed by someone because she couldn’t recite a verse from the holy Quran.


I know personally speaking you don’t owe her an apology, but if it isn’t too much to ask for, please pray for her. Maybe ‪#‎terrorhasnoreligion‬ but when people like Tarishi world over are being killed in the name of a religion, at the least we can do is sympathize with the plight of their friends and family who have to bear the brunt of religious fanaticism.


Last year when a locality in Mumbai tried to ban the trade of meat for a week during Paryushan, a holy period for Jains, there was a massive uproar. Political parties came out on streets dangling meat in front of the faces of Jains visiting temples, not missing a chance to offend a silent minority. The entire community was put under scanner for the actions of corporators in a small locality. The meat ban was reversed in no time.


In Dhaka, a young life went up in flames. She was killed by the extremists. In cold blood. When you compare the reactions to ‪#‎meatban‬ with‪#‎DhakaKillings‬, the reactions are reflective of the political mindset in the country. There is no political uproar when a Tarishi dies. There is no condemnation, feeble and rhetoric, if at all. Tarishi’s funeral was attended by hundreds, not by thousands like the ones who turned up when a state identified criminal was sent to gallows last year. Both came from minorities. Do you see the irony?


As a community and citizens of India we will be yet again told #terrorhasnoreligion. We will believe in it. We have no choice. We will go to work tomorrow and do the only thing we have ever known- create value for our families and our nation. Tirelessly, peacefully.Eid Mubarak! May the almighty guide us all on the path of harmony and peace. Amen!

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  1. Very well thought of and written. Sometimes I feel human beings have no value in India, post Dallas kilings, I feel value of Human beings is detoriating world over. People in India have more interest in what the celebrity or politicians talk which may not be politically correct and then they carry out Dharma and Fatwa. Why not NOW????

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