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The waltz of death is free and running open

Dear Bihar,

thuoc medrol 8mg Can you hear those sounds? Don’t worry the guns are still biting the dust, but the sound of those firecrackers are surely an indication of the things to come. I am at loss of words, last year you had that one power of choosing the right ballot and you landed up choosing the wrong bullet. What have you guys done?

Did you see those thirteen hundred SUV’s zip past the dusty terrains of Bhagalpur? Trust me; even our Prime Minister had a lesser cavalcade when he won the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Not that I adhere to his ideologies, but yesterday’s display puts his arrogance to shame as well.

The way some of your peers rejoiced at the release of the dreaded don ‘Shahabuddin’ perhaps reinforces the old adage that ‘You will get peanuts, if you choose monkeys’. You faced the brunt of lawlessness for fifteen long years and yet voted the same set of people back to power?

Have you folks forgotten the endless number of kidnapping, rapes, murders? Have you forgotten the fear of roaming alone in the dark? Have you forgotten your leader’s obnoxious statement when his kin raped that young girl in 1998?

Your political acumen seriously baffles me, in 2014 you gave the NDA an overwhelming majority and exactly a year later you chose ‘Nitish Kumar’ and his allies? Didn’t you realize, with two different governments at the center and state, you will have absolutely no scope of any growth? Every nook and corner of your state boasts of common men who think they understand the intricacies of politics, yet knowing that the two leaders don’t see eye to eye, you chose the latter?

But knowing you, I am sure most of your peers must have been happy yesterday. After all their messiah is now back in the fold. Did you enjoy the police force being reduced to members of a circus yesterday? For those who missed the home coming yesterday, here is an update. The entire state machinery was instructed to give their leader a hero’s welcome. Not just that, the entire home district of the leader was filled with euphoria and sweets were distributed to one and all.

Surely there are millions who must have discussed over endless cups of tea ‘the power display’ of the leader yesterday. Most of them must have taken pride in the way things panned out yesterday. After all it takes immense stupidity to celebrate the return of the jungle raj.

Now don’t tell me, you didn’t see that coming? Your chief minister has been reduced to sham. Once again you chose caste over development. Your economy has crumbled once again. All the good work of the last ten years has fizzled out in just ten months. I am sure it feels extremely satisfying to see news of loot and lawlessness once again on the front pages. Look at the bright side, you now have so much to discuss upon. For those 10 years life of a common Bihari had become so boring and mundane. All you folks discussed were growth, new business ideas and stability. Nah! That doesn’t define you. The return of dreaded mafia like ‘Shahbuddin’ does.

The real estate price of your state has hit rock bottom. Back then if someone bought a piece of land, he had to pay Laloo tax, the way and means have changed but the tax has been reintroduced. The coffers of the state is slowly being emptied again, earlier it was blatant, now it is veiled, but the destruction has begun. How does it feel to pay three times the price of the same bottle you earlier purchased freely?

Okay now I get it, your leader is out on bail, the upper caste ones are jailed. So the moral victory has happened. Wow! Is this the reason you chose this government? What happened to good governance then? Till last year he took pride in changing the perception of your state across the country, and today he has chosen to be a mute spectator? Is this the development you really wished for?

BRAVO! If indeed this is your idea of development. Brace yourself folks, book your tickets and prepare for the worst because your favorite leader is already on the prowl. Without taking names, he has already threatened reputed retired officers for the worst and mind you this is just the beginning of the ‘waltz of death’.

Next time you bite into a KFC burger, remember you could be between the buns next. Tomorrow when you fill your vehicle with petrol, don’t forget to turn the knob tight, else your kin will find it difficult to segregate between the flesh and charred metal. Next time you see blood spill on the road, call for a specialist and see if he can differentiate between the upper and lower castes?

Next time please use your brains and choose the right leader. Because unlike in life, the electoral ballot does gives you a second chance.


Yours Truly

Ankush A Kumar.

A Once Proud Bihari

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