Dhoni: The Untold Story
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The Untold Story: Dhoni’s Biopic and what his fans want in it.


What is common between George Best, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mahendra Singh Dhoni? Besides all of them being legends in their sport they have all played a crucial role in making the number 7 a mythological shirt number in the world of sports.

Outside the world of sports, the number 7 has a rich historic significance with many meanings that contribute to making the number loaded with references in the world of sports. There have been the Seven Wonders of the World, seven seas, infact humans can see atleast seven planets with the naked eye, and the PH value of water is seven too.

In the traditional bylanes of Indian cricket, a small town boy from Jharkhand today leads his team from the front and is considered the blue eyed boy of the nation. In a way Mahendra Singh Dhoni has carried forward the mythical legacy left behind by great sportsmen who have donned the 7 number jerseys. No wonder then, that award winning filmmaker has decided to present the man’s story on the big screen. In February 2015 when our very own captain cool will be busy defending the world cup title in Australia, we will get a chance to view the untold story of a man, who made sure that 7 isn’t just another number.

As a film enthusiast, I have written more than 120 reviews of films on Mission Sharing Knowledge but this time I wanted to do something different. In my pursuit for this I went to the streets and asked the public what were their expectations from the movie and what aspect would they like to see of MSD on the big screen? Some of the responses were worth listening, some very generic and some extremely hilarious; hopefully the film exceeds all expectations.

1) Srishti Priyanka (Sophia College Mumbai): Oh! Really? Ummm! Can we see MSD and Sakshi not being happy together (laughs! No one else did.)

2) Vibhu Vats (Patna): I really want to know how the captaincy bit happened to him. There have been several theories on it. And how did the man react in the first place.

3) Navin Jha (Mumbai): The true picture of his relations with Sehwag and Gambhir. How did he cope with the match fixing allegations and how love blossomed between Sakshi and him?

4) Shambhavi (Delhi): Everyone has had heartbreaks, did he have any? Plus what triggered in his mind when he promoted himself ahead of Yuvi in the world cup finals?

5) Aditya Agnihotri (JNU, Delhi): Please clear this misconception that he has risen only because of his luck. This notion needs to go.

6) Rohit Sakunia (Delhi): I want the controversies like him keeping mum when spoken of match fixing in pressers etc. Why he did that? The amount of pressure and how he absorbs all of that during key moments.

7) Ritika (Ranchi): Did he really have an affair with Deepika? Did he try dare defying stunts on his bikes growing up and what made him so attached to his pets?

8) Aman (Pune): Coming from a state, that has a poor track record in cricket, how did he cope through the politics of the selection policy, did he really ever think of playing cricket for the country, leave alone captaining the team. I want to see the journey of the man till his international debut.

9) Ankita (Mangalore):  Ohhhh!!! I would like to know of his World Cup strategy, What was he thinking? How he felt? Everything.

10) Prashant (Dhanbad): Unke mother aur father ka nazaria unke career choice ke upar jab woh India ke liye nahi khelte the.

I chose these from the heap of responses I got. But my point of view is totally different from the others.

Tastylia Germany My Take: Why make a movie on someone whose journey still is full of commas, only when the full stop happens should the film have been made. It took Richard Attenborough 20 years to make a film on Gandhi; surely we could have waited some more time before choosing a biopic on the man. Look at the recently viewed Mary Kom; it failed to generate any sort of response. Infact this movie is being produced by Rhiti Sports, the same company whose director Dhoni is. Will it truly present the correct picture is already a point of debate. The poster says its an untold story, I truly hope this film is timed right because in sport there is no space for a written script and retakes.



  1. I want that his glory in internationals,cl t20 ,and ipl all should shown
    His uniqueness everything else and why is he so special

  2. I want that his glory in internationals,cl t20 ,and ipl all should be shown
    His uniqueness everything else and why is he so special

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