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The Story of India’s Rich and How it’s Insufficient – 2

In the first part of this article the author DP Sakunia details down the ills that is plaguing the system and increasing the rich and poor divide. In this one, he writes about possible solutions to the problems and how India could be a much better economy by being equitable to all.

For a self sustained all round evergreen economic growth we need

(1) Great infrastructure to connect each and every part of India via Road, Water, Sky, Telecom, Internet and any other mode of communication.

(2) Making the country digitally literate and moving technology innovation towards that goal.

(3) Tax return & not Tax terrorism

(4) Easy credit availability at rates that are affordable and readily available. I would especially bring into point interest on education loans here. The kind of interest levied here are unnecessarily huge and they need to be trimmed down.

(5) Free Compulsory Education to Poor with good quality Mid-day nutritious meal systems in place. All villages should have schools & colleges with e-library and smart classes wherever possible so that students from nearby villages can also benefit. Skill development should be imparted from primary level

(6) Genuine Welfare Schemes for the actual needy poor. This can be done by extending MGNREGA like scheme to small and landless farmers, labourers employed in construction industry, poor artists, weavers etc and making sure there is a mechanism to measure.

(7) Scientific exploration for captive use of mines & minerals

(8) Use of the latest equipment’s in agriculture to increase output as well as farmer income

(9) Two tier rate system for petroleum, diesel, kerosene, fertilizers, agricultural equipments. Where in we subsidize rate only to small farmer & other poor needy

(10) Use of wasteland for industrial production & SEZs

(11) Opening of active health centers in every corner of the country with basic infrastructure

(12) Providing Indira Awass Griha like accommodation with toilet facility to homeless people and toilet for every household. This should be given over to the corporate to manage out of their profits. The minimum they can do is this

(13) Old Age Pension and utilities scheme only for needy helpless & destitute

(14) Local MLA & MPS should take every step to redress grievance of their people for which Gram Sabha should be arranged in every Gram Panchayat

(15) All possible facilities should be provided to boost terrorism. There should be a special force to make sure security of tourist is adequate

(16) Monitoring and protection cell for SSI and ancillary units so that there is no closure for such units

(17) A network of Microfinance in cluster of villages to make the poor self dependant

(18) Government agency should be made responsible for sale of surplus agricultural and cottage industry products

(19) Complete ban on private chit fund schemes

(20) A high level vigilance committee to track and report circulation of black money in the economy.

(21) Above all social, economical and political justice to all, particularly women and tribal people living in villages and remote areas.

Lastly we also need to plug the loopholes in public distribution system, welfare schemes & industrial, consumer, agricultural subsidies so that there is no corruption at all because unless we curb corruption all the above won’t function properly and will deliver only negative results.

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