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The Present State of Higher Education in India

Today I am going to tell you a sensitive issue which no media is covering. Around 5000 people lost their jobs or are in the verge of losing their jobs from Delhi University and nobody seems to bother. This issue will influence the careers of millions of people and therefore we should talk about this and raise our voice.

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In India if you want to be in teaching profession of a University, it’s very tough. So the process if these people study for 17 years to get qualified for NET and NET being a tough exam, sometimes it again takes 2-3 years to crack it. But even if you crack NET, you do not get a job at the University. After cracking Net you just become eligible to be a contractual lecturer (which is under speculation to be changed where this might not be a criteria anymore). If you have a NET certificate, you can appear at different interviews at times where if you crack any, you get appointed as an Adhoc teacher. So in a nutshell it takes only 20 years and 15-16 exams just to be an Adhoc (read contractual) teacher. Becoming a professor is still a long walk.


Recently HRD Ministry increased working hours of lecturers which means that all the adhocs should be fired and the logic is, the workload being the same, what’s the point of having so many teachers because we have just increased the working hours for everybody. It’s like telling an employee to work for 20 hours and fire all vendors or contractors. Now even after being having a Postgraduate degree, being NET qualified these people are jobless and it’s a shame for a country. That might be the reason you keep hearing that the Railways has received 200 application from Post Graduated people or 50 PhD people who applied for clerical jobs, which makes me very sad.


On the top of it the HRD is also planning to introduce a new exam which will come under UPSC. Now why a new exam? Put on your thinking caps. Is it leading the way to Privatization of our government institutions?


Every single day there is a peaceful protest going on outside UGC but no media has bothered to cover it except Ravish Kumar.  Check this video below. I urge to other media houses to cover this as well, people should know about this.

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