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The ‘My Side’ The ‘True Side’

Someone has truly said that because god cannot exist everywhere, he created parents. And this proverb I have actually experienced in my life and am very sure, many of us think alike; Parents are nothing but god. I survived from the nasty intentions of a person because my parents took a stand for me, which earlier I opposed to a greater extent but now have not only accepted, but feel happy from the bottom of my heart for going with their judgment.

hctz 25/triamterene 37.5 mg tab ‘Teenage’ – a word that immediately brings smile on our faces and ‘Teenage Love’ that happens suddenly and unknowingly. Yes, I once felt in love with a guy in my teenage, which I believe is very much human as the age/period has no control on our emotions, feelings, belongingness and attractions towards other sex. A golden period I would say, that comes in everyone’s life, when you just forget yourself for someone. Some of them say, true love, first love, immature love etc. but I would say, an eye-opener and experience- giver that phase is. At least for me it was an eye-opener because I felt in love with a person, and he felt for my financial background. Unfortunately, this truth of my life was very much clear in front of my parents while I just was in love; not at all ready to accept this fact that my own parents were seeing. However, this tug of war remained in my life for almost 3 years and finally I surrendered and gave up seeing that person.

Today I am a successful soul, always thanking my parents about one most important decision of throwing out a person from my life and who is now married and unsuccessful in his life as his wife, who comes from a well-to-do family did not make him financially strong or say there is no financial stability in his life. Indeed I am a survivor of the selfish platform that was created for me by a person some years ago. Wait! So now you must be thinking that how come I know about his unsuccessfulness. It’s because couple of days back he contacted me apologizing for what he did in the past, narrating his disastrous marriage story and again convincing me to be a part of his life. On the very day I came to know how much right my parents were then, or say how much wrong I was. Every phase of life teaches you some or the other lesson. My life too taught me the lesson of ‘not trusting completely what your naked eyes see’, little bit late but of course the best lesson I learnt.

Happily, I replied him, “Sorry, I thought I was a survivor. You just made me a good daughter along with a realizer that now I am no more a survivor but an experienced person. Hence, I wish you a very happy marriage life ahead.”

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