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The Kohli We Know Could Bring RCB Back

A line-up, which boasts of Chris Gayle, AB De Villiers, Virat Kohli and a few others struggling to win 3 out of 9 matches, is a sore to the eyes. We all want the likes of Gayle and Kohli fire on all cylinders but while Gayle has sometimes shown some fire, though very rarely, the India vice-captain and RCB skipper has almost failed disastrously in the IPL this year. His last five scores 4, 0, 35, 0, 4 make a picture someone like Kohli would hate to look.

super tadapox price in india To be fair to him this patch was long time coming. His good form has been quite a long one and like all sportsmen he had to see these days but is there any other reason for the bad form or to put it better is it because of something of his own doing. To me it does look like him working or trying too hard to push his mettle on something. Is he trying to prove a point that he is the best cricketer in that highly talented RCB line-up and is doing a little too much towards it?

Kohli’s record in the last two years is breathtaking. He has not just scored runs but has done so at will and across all formats. His average is 55.90 in Tests, 55.24 in ODIs and 54.71 in T20 internationals. Those numbers show a consistency levels even greats have failed to achieve and Kohli has done that despite India playing too much cricket. It is these numbers that make experts feel that he might come close to Sachin Tendulkar’s batting records, I though feel its still a level too high.

But the purple patch has hit a low and at a bad time for Royal Challengers Bangalore. Just at the time when they wanted their captain to strike gold, he looks like all at place. But is it really a bad patch or a self-invitation for it. To me the second one sounds better. Why I say so has reasoning in the method he is getting out. It’s not funny to see how he has been caught behind on multiple occasions behind the stumps. If am not mistaken, at least 5 times during this IPL he has been caught behind his stumps (once at third man). This shows how much effort he is putting to dominate proceedings. While all this time he would be able to do that so easily.

The pressure was seen as he came to open against Rajasthan Royals the other day and fell again trying to unnecessarily push for quick runs. What I failed to understand is why can’t he take a breather; spend sometime on the wicket as Gayle, Yuvraj Singh (who has hit a purple patch) and DeVilliers go for runs. Wouldn’t that be better than him unnecessarily throwing his wicket away before even settling down?

Currently I still feel Kohli is still not down and out. This is just a matter of mind, more than the trouble in his footwork, movement or hand-eye co-ordination but with passage of time, this will start reflecting in his body too and than that will sound trouble for everyone. India’s dependence on him as a winner has only increased over the last year or so and him failing on the national stage will not to do well for anyone’s chances.

Its time he lets the game to come to him, rather than jumping guns and reaching out. We all, no matter how much talent is there at our disposal, have to sometime take time and figure out things in a steady manner before it becomes worse. The same stands true for Virat Kohli.



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