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The Hypocrisy of BJP


Very recently our beloved Namo has run a campaign asking people giving up their LPG subsidy and he aims to save crores of money from this, however I feel before giving up their LPG subsidy people should know few facts, its always good to know facts

Fact 1: Crude prices slashed from $115 to $50 internationally which means now you should far far less what you have been paying under UPA regimen. But due to some unknown reason our petrol, prices and LPG price are all same, may be a little higher even. Now lets calculate how much we should be paying as per the new international crude price. Petrol should come at 30 , diesel at 21  and LPG at 250. Now just calculate how much you are paying extra already and on the top of it if you are willing to give up LPG subsidy too.

Source: Deccan Chronicles

Fact 2: Thanks to different newspapers and news channels, by now I am pretty sure you are aware of the “almost” free parliament canteen where you get the cheapest food in India (rather say in the world) and our poor minister (even after so many scams they are poor right) eat there as they can not afford and for very obvious reasons, without them our country can not run, right? Just to give some idea I am adding the parliament canteen price list below



Rather not add the whole price list, more I add more angry you will be 😛 but this should give you enough idea of what I am trying to say.

coming back to facts ofcourse the cost of these foods can not be that cheap and therefore its very obvious that govt gives subsidy for this as well. Now do you dare to guess the amount? Its INR 60 crores in 5 years only which means each year they are spending INR 12 crore in this. I reall doubt if these ministers ever leave these canteen when they are in India.

Fact 3: When I say “when they are in India”, there is a reason behind this. After becoming PM Namo spent more time abroad than in India (for whatever reason, my point is not that), my point is the Govt spent INR 317 crore in last one year only for traveling purpose, can you beat that?


Fact 4: I keep looking at my mobile for that 15 lakhs sms from my bank? Not getting it, let me remind you. Before coming into power Namo promised each person in our country will get INR 15 lakhs in their account as he will be resolving all black money issues and will bring back all black money to our country. Though they already crossed the timeline, seems like Namo completely has forgotten about this as he doesn’t utter a word for this issue. And just to add cherry on the top, leave bringing back black money, BJP can not even release names of people who have it as tis is against the law. Now I get that, but I expect a person as intelligent as Namo to promise only when they know things and laws. When Congress was in power they were saying same thing about this law and that time Namo shouted saying Congress is eating money from this black money, now what happened sir? At least you can come forward and acknowledge this fact.

Fact 5: Our beloved ministers and their Z security is another big costing we are bearing. Recently some other people (Baba Ramdev, Mukesh Ambani) have also started getting this. I don’t know if Govt or these individual pay this (recently Mukesh Ambani announced that he will pay for this security) but I want to talk about ministers. Our Govt pays INR 250 crores in security each year.

Fact 6: Sir , one last question, tell me why on the earth did you spend INR 55 crore on Yoga day campaign, just enlighten me with your true knowledge and the point behind doing this. This money could have been invested at so many places but of course, in a country where people starve to death, Yoga is an important part indeed.


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