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The curious case of giving up your LPG subsidy


The recent talk by our honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, asking people who can manage to give up their LPG subsidy left me flummoxed. I thought asking the common man to leave subsidies and show austerity should come only after the leaders show them their way.

Aren’t there few things that, as people’s representatives, they should give up too.

To name a few facilities that these leaders can forego:

1) Staying in posh bungalows at Lutyens, which happens to be one of the most posh areas in New Delhi, and paying rents that are far lesser than even peanuts.

2) Eating at subsidized rates at MLA canteens and other government canteens. The price of a thali (a full meal) there is under Rs. 20. Nowhere in the capital can you find a decent roadside eatery providing food at those prices. Shouldn’t they first remove subsidies from there?

3) Roaming around in government owned vehicles for personal purposes as well. Yeah, am sure you have heard that.

4) Going out on foreign tours for training but doing everything but training.

5) VIP culture, privileges at various places.

I might be wrong so please correct me if I am but am plain curious to know that how can someone, especially a leader of the stature of Narendra Modi preach what he and his men do not practice. Sorry, I forgot, that is exactly the state of politics in our country.

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