So this one is to get you closer into our world. The crazy back end that goes on behind a start up ! the roller coaster ride where there is no one and nothing to motivate you –except your idea , your faith and trust in the people who embark upon this journey with you ! We hope through our story, you gain our one main aim “SHARING HAPPINESS & MOTIVATION SO WE ALL HELP ONE ANOTHER FULFIL OUR DREAMS !”

We all know how dependent we have gotten on the app culture that has been created pretty much all over the world.

We might often talk about how life was simpler without all of this technology invading our space – but like it or not, its what is driving the world right now to a rather large extent .

So , we at OUWT decided to get onto the bandwagon and create a little app of our own .

Its been a journey that literally started with two friends whining on the couch about where to go one particular Thursday evening . I assume there are a fair share of you doing that right about now !

One of the reasons might be that funny human beings that we are – we gain some kind of self solace by complaining about the smallest to the biggest things . ! A lot of us also know that we must stop with our complaints and shift our energy to being more positive about the situation (definitely much easier said than done! ) The two of us however, managed to catch ourselves in such a positive moment and decided to do something about our little Thursday evening dilemma

One of us being born and brought up in Bombay and the other having lived in the city for almost a decade , we knew a fair share of what we thought were local relevant places – but being in that whiny mode , we wanted something new, something different , something something !

This particular incident was where the very vague but absolutely brilliant idea (our belief and that’s what matters the most) of OUWT was conceptualized .

Through the first few posts of this blog, you will be taken through the creation of OUWT filled with love, laughter, confusion , learnings, coders, investors, high points , low points and a whole lot more !

See you guys tomorrow !

Have a lovely day and remember its always a good plan to #getOUWT  xx








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