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The battle is won, the war far from over: #NetNeutrality


So the first battle for Net neutrality in India has been won due to netizens’ strong pressure aided by media. People in large numbers had started deleting the Flipkart App from smartphones. That made the e-commerce giant panicky! In fact Airtel and Fllipkart were ill advised to go for the zero rating game, on our face, with a such arrogance!

And they were humbled very rightfully.

But MNC giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc are upto similar tricks to capitalize on their near monopoly. The netizens of India have to be on guard. TRAI charter must be revisited to prim it up as a consumer protection bulwark!

Government’s ambitious Digital India project is billed to be a big Game Changer for rural India in the coming decades. Any compromise on this will be an economic disaster for rural India and a political blunder for BJP, which India can ill afford to permit. Hence the war is still on.

With only 15% net penetration now, the burgeoning digital market of India in coming years will be a great attraction for the digital MNCs! But they better be warned in advance. No flipping like Flipkart and no zero-giri like Airtel please! Beware of India’s smart phone wielding Gen-now young things! They have just now tested blood and are raring to go for a kill!

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