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The 7 Things I Loved About The Movie Chef


With a star cast that boasts of greats like Dustin Hoffman, and a promo that brilliantly captures the essence of the film, the movie had me prepared for disappointment. I went with high expectations, being a foodie and an RDJ-Favreau fan, and came out ABSOLUTELY inspired. Here are the top 7 things I loved about the movie Chef.

– The amazing, gorgeous looking food: Do not go watch this on an empty stomach. The mise en scene allows you t0 almost smell, eat and relish the food cooked through the film. From the cubanos to the beignets, the film is just, as they say, Food Porn.

cheap prednisone – RDJ, ScarJo and Sofia Vergara: If the food doesn’t catch your fancy, there’s plenty of eye candy in the cast. Iron Man himself stars as the (true to RDJ) not-so-modest-yet-super-successful ex-husband who’s, as always, charming, conflicted, confusing and kind-hearted (yes, I’m a fan-girl). ScarJo plays the gorgeous and supportive distraction and Sofia, the amazing ex-wife. – The premise: We’re a generation of rebels, entrepreneurs, creatives-at-heart and non-conformists. The film goes straight to the heart for anyone who’s ever dreamt of doing something of their own and, let’s face it, who hasn’t? The story of a man on a path of self discovery after being kicked out of his job, is strangely relatable and inspiring.

– The father-son adorable-ness: Jon Favreau plays this adorable, endearing failure of a Dad who learns how to bond with his son the hard way, on his Food Truck. There’s this scene where he lets him take a sip of beer and tells him to remember how bad that tasted when he grows up and his friends offer it to him, which completely warms your heart. Emjay Anthony (who you may recognize from his guest appearance on Grey’s Anatomy) is an absolute cutie!

januvia medication price – Jon Favreau: The man known for his fantastic direction has really come into his own as an actor. He transverses from being the foul-mouthed unappreciated chef to the effervescent food-truck owner with ease while stealing our hearts every time him and his on-screen son are on screen together.

– Friendship: John Leguizamo plays the friend who everyone wants: supportive, fun and great at what he does. When he follows Chef Carl to Miami the second he finds out about his food truck, you wish you had friends like him.

Social Media: The film’s central conflict starts with a Tweet. Social media plays a huge role through the main story, not in shameless brand-plug way but a great central-to-the-story way. Also making the story of this older guy who is finally following his dream, relevant to any age.

Make time for this one. It won’t disappoint.


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