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Terminator review – I am not threatened anymore


buy accutane online canada Director: Alan Taylor

tinidazole for sale Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney, Jason Clarke

The only reason I went to watch this movie was mother of dragon and of-course the Arnold factor. I was pretty sure that this one would be old wine in new bottle and I was right. I know the existence of human race is threatened but to be very honest, I am threatened so many times now that I am not scared shit of this. I think the folks in the US should come out with something new now. I mean they act as if they are the saviour of human race and the rest of the world comes free with their country.

There’s nothing new in the film. The story is more or less same with the same robot going back to past and trying to kill Sarah Cornor and how they escape from that, bla bla bla.

In terms of technology, Hollywood is far advanced than any other movie industry, so there’s no argument on that. The techniques are very good. I think CGI Arnold looks good too. I feel the movie got a little confusing because it was very difficult to understand which characters are human and which ones are robots. Looks like the director did that intentionally to make the flick more interesting but I don’t think that worked well.

If you are getting too lazy to do something you might want to go for this one but even if you have a nice candle light dinner plan, you can miss this movie.

Rate: 2/5

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