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Teleserial – Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh – What is it trying to convey?


This serial is seriously asking us one thing –

buy accutane now Should women be nice, simple & sober or bold, complex and aggressive to survive in today’s world?

go site Serial (cereal?) Synopsis –

can robaxin get you high Mother – of 3 children – Samarth, Sarika, Garima. Blind in son’s love. Blindly supports son. Obeys her aggressive children silently – or else they’ll probably kick her out! Strict on sober Garima!

Samarth – Politician – Corrupt, debauch, womanizer – husband of Shobha.

order compazine dosage Sarika – Ex-lover of Vikram – kicked Vikram’s butt and married elsewhere for money, murders her husband and returns home!

Garima – Sober sister – unlike brother Samarth and sister sarika! Because she is sober , simple and decent – she is cursed with a conniving sis-in-law – a Bengali female – who is driving her mad & torturing her in her pregnancy!

Shobha– Sober, decent, loyal and chaste wife and loving mother! Dumb enough to not understand manipulative husband!

Vikram – Jilted in love by Sarika – the aggressive sister of Samarth. Sarika kicked his butt because he was a pauper and a loser kind of a fellow with no bank balance. He was expecting to marry ravishing Sarika as a pauper. Sarika obviously kicked him out of her life and married elsewhere. It is only after the royal boot that Vikram became the owner of a chain of coffee shop.

Story in short – Samarth gets caught by the cops for being a corrupt politician. Shobha realizes to her shock that she had actually been serving a debauch for the last 10 years of her life and even gave birth to two of his imps! Because the imps are both below 10 years of age and mother is required during this stage of life – so they are shown as innocent children in a broken family (later when they grow up – and if the serial continues that long – then the son will become a womanizer – like father like son and daughter may probably become a dance bala or an item…usually this is seen in broken families!)

So Shobha works for Vikram (coz after the cops arrested Samarth they needed money to run the family). Vikram finds shobha to be a very ideal life partner – she was docile and so dumb that for the last 10 years her husband had been humping around and she was just clueless about it!! Dumb women make excellent wife-materials – as Vikram had understood this after getting kicked on the butt by Sarika! Sarika in the mean time had murdered her husband (he had no more money left in his bank – so Sarika lost interest in him and killed him – wow! What a bold, beautiful and aggressive woman!- Indian males certainly deserve her kind of a wife – who will always keep them on their toes – to work and keep the money flowing in!). So now Sarika sees Vikram as rich and eligible – she therefore wants to marry him!

This is the story so far – as and when interesting things happen – I will update you all!

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(ok Garima – the sober and simple sister of Samarth is having a tough time for being simple and nice!)

Conclusion (till date) – Women better not be simple and good and sober and chaste and loyal…..cause if you happen to be all the above – your life will be screwed BIG TIME!!

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