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Tarzan Movie Review

First of all sorry for delaying this review. I went for this movie few days back but didn’t get time to write this review.  Anyway, better late than never.

I was expecting this movie to be another typical Tarzan movie but this movie really surprised me. This movie wasn’t about the Tarzan story we all know and therefore this is a must watch. This movie tells a story where Tarzan comes back to Africa from London and saves Africa.

Also unlike most of the Tarzan movies this movie doesn’t portray Tarzan as someone who can not be defeated by anyone. There’s a fight scene between the Ape leader and Tarzan and just when I was expecting Tarzan to win against him, he got beaten badly.

As expected the technology used in this movie is fabulous. Acting wise all actors did fair job. The only thing I didn’t like was the ending, I think it could have been better but never the less, it was a good movie overall.

Parallel movies to Tarzan which I have seen are Sultan, Finding Dory, Now you see me 2, Independence Day, The Conjuring and Me before you. I think amongst these movies Tarzan is the best shot to go for. The only other movie which you consider of going for is Sultan, its not a very good movie but is kind of a time pass.

Rating of Tarzan: 3.8/5

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