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#Playingitmyway: The Sachin Tendulkar Autobiography Review

“This book all in all is pretty dry, but for some strange reason in the end it still made me cry”. It perhaps is my little way of being privy to the journey of the hero we have revered so much. The book in itself traverses his journey in finest detail. It starts with his childhood and ends at that speech he delivered at the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai last year. For most of us in

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Yuvraj – The Real Champion will be missed in WC 2015

Its not unknown that Cricket is beyond just being a game in India. It is treated as a religion and millions of emotions are attached with it. We Indians are very passionate about our cricketing heroes and we have a lot of expectations from them. While the hooligan ones throw stones at their houses when they play bad, the fans make temples in their names, when they do well. A few names go beyond being

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The Kohli We Know Could Bring RCB Back

A line-up, which boasts of Chris Gayle, AB De Villiers, Virat Kohli and a few others struggling to win 3 out of 9 matches, is a sore to the eyes. We all want the likes of Gayle and Kohli fire on all cylinders but while Gayle has sometimes shown some fire, though very rarely, the India vice-captain and RCB skipper has almost failed disastrously in the IPL this year. His last five scores 4, 0, 35,

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Are We Doing Enough To Protect Our Heroes?

Everytime this IPL, I see Yousuf Pathan and Yuvraj Singh stride out to bat, I sense they are feeling heavy in the head, in a mind dominated with self-doubt than swagger. They quite seem to know that 22 yard strip and the 13 men on the field are waiting for them to cave in and fail yet again. It must feel like a Damocles sword hanging above their neck, with every passing failure in contribution.

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IPL 7 – Who Will You Vote For?

As the action begins in the UAE I have been keeping busy with the general elections and in all this political frenzy I haven’t felt the buzz of the tournament. Plus all the drama with N Srinivasan and the franchisee conflict of interest drama has also taken away some of the enthusiasm. But I am looking at some of the players using this as a make or break. Specially the Golden trio of Indian cricket

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Sachin Tendulkar: Tu Hum Sabka Hero

“India raise your eyes, and look at the sky; it’s the only thing greater than you”. The magnitude of the sky is not enough to express our love for you. What ‘Sachin Tendulkar’ means to cricket and the country is perhaps too complex to explain. He was the symbol of hope for a nation that lacked heroes. You did not need to know him in person to understand the phenomena. It was everywhere; he was

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Sachin Is An Inspiration For All Including Myself: VVS Laxman

In our Youth Pulse this time we had the pleasure of speaking to one of India’s batting legends. Someone who was called Very Very Special for his batting abilities. Someone who scared the Aussies at their prime. We spoke to none other than VVS Laxman. Here are the excerpts from a conversation that spanned Indian cricket, Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement, his best knocks, the best bowlers he faced and much more. On Sachin Tendulkar – Sachin is

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