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Micro-Aggression Theory, Victimhood Culture and Article 370 as a Counter Radicalization Tool For argument’s sake if we keep the violent insurgency problem in Kashmir aside for the reading time of this article, Kashmiri politics is primarily characterized by politics of identity and culture. While there are deep problems with defining culture and cultural analysis, sociologists and cultural theorists still attempt to theorize about cultural politics. One such theory is the micro-aggressions theory. Micro aggression[1] is a term coined by psychiatrist and Harvard University professor Chester M.Pierce in 1970

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‘Tis sought and opined by these eyes and lips. Love and its candidature, You of divine stature. ‘Twixt man and less a primal quenching of lust ‘midst a jumble of mess; is transcendence of flesh. Fury of Hell, Angel of Heaven, I, brave and fool to be; rejecting Evil and Godly pleas. For home is where the heart beckons me, I, your shadow, am on Earth. For when has ash ever left the hearth?

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An open letter to a young professional

Dear Mr Z, I prefer not to name you, not because of any courtesy but simply because I can’t recall your name. There have been more than a few of you walking through the hall ways over the years looking quite important but frankly nothing inspired me to remember your name. There have been an increasing number of you over the years, fresh out of college thinking you were the topper of the smart batch wanting success to be

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Young politicians are the only hope for India’s future

‘And the motion stands defeated’,announced the speaker The bill which stated “Young politicians are the only hope for India’s future”, stood defeated in the parliamentary debate held in our University. When the house was moved to vote for the motion only few of them raised their hands in a house of about 50 members and thus the bill stood defeated. The treasury bench made some valid points saying that the youth has new ideas, new

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3 must-haves to keep skin Oil-free

Dry skin in India is rare thing. The terrible humidity that rules over a large part of our country makes even those of us with normal skin, feel like we are bubbling vats of oil on the inside. But let’s face it, skin products are costly. Regular appointments at the parlour which always promise “clearly noticeable results” take too much effort. And frankly, they are not even worth it. People who spend enough time outdoors

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आगमन से तुम्हारे, धरती ने नई चेतना में स्नान किया । देश का कोना कोना पुकार रहा है युवा युवा । ज़रुरत आन पड़ी है तुम्हारी, जनता आश्रित है तुम पर उम्मीद लगाये बैठी है कि तुम लाओगे नया सवेरा । उंढेल दो अपनी सारी ऊर्जा बेह जाने दो इस युवा शक्ति को सींचने दो उसे इस मिटटी को लाने दो एक नयी जागृति । जला दो तुम हर द्वार पर ज्ञान का दीपक, प्रकाश

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The Youth Pulse: Talking to Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Youth BJP Leader From Bihar

MSK and Ankush Kumar start a series of interviews, where we will showcase the views of our youth leaders and their connect with the Youngistaan. Joining us today is ‘Mr. Rajesh Kumar’ convenor of the professional cell of the BJP for Bihar. He is a son of the soil, born in a village named Narhat, has done his schooling from there, did his engineering in Bangalore and MBA from Pune. He is currently the Zonal

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The Tale Of Entrapment

Under the affect of alcohol he could barely walk, walking looked so dangerous for him. His hands battled with glass wall to hold them. Tremendous pull of gravity made his grounded feet imbalanced and prone to collisions. His blurry vision and loose tongue crowned him as a super dangerous orator. Isn’t it “ITS KEWL”? [Caution – My woven thoughts might sound CONSERVATIVE but understand the underlying message. READ THIS WITH OPEN HEAD]   Youth population

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