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go to link ‘Tis sought and opined by these eyes and lips. Love and its candidature, You of divine stature. ‘Twixt man and less a primal quenching of lust ‘midst a jumble of mess; is transcendence of flesh. Fury of Hell, Angel of Heaven, I, brave and fool to be; rejecting Evil and Godly pleas. For home is where the heart beckons me, I, your shadow, am on Earth. For when has ash ever left the hearth?

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The Fight…

Hey eyes welled up.I did not know what to do. There was a side to her that I could not understand however hard he tried. She looked at me and turned away crying. I wished that she would stop and my heart cringed at every sob of hers. There was this side of her that baffled me every time it surfaced. It had been almost six months now that we were together and everything was

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