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11 Rules For Women During Cricket

Robin Choudhary lists down the rules that women should apply on themselves during cricket matches. This is for the benefit for the entire human race because we know no sex can survive without the other. LIST OF RULES!! 1. You should read the sport pages so you are aware of what’s going on in the world of cricket and can join the conversation with the men in your life. If you fail to do so,

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Of The People; For The People; Lets ‘Buy’ The People

  Today has been no different then yesterday. Except for the date perhaps. What a week can do to the fortunes of one’s life; can be best answered by the Indian Cricket team. What effect the monsoon’s can have on somebody can be seen in the eyes of a common farmer. How valuable independence is ‘can be answered by only those who are chained since eternity’. Today as USA celebrates its year of independence, we

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15 Rupees – Part 2

    My daily journey back home does not end here. The last part is riding a rickshaw to my home, of course as a pillion not as a rider. Somehow I feel choosing a rickshaw wallah, is very similar to the way warriors chose their Ikran on the Pandora Island. Out of those 20-25 odd rickshaw pullers, mostly former farmers, and potters and handicraft professionals, who are in this trade now because the urban

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Chronicles Of A Mom – To – Be!! Woo Ho – PART 1

  Two educational degrees – check! Career – check! Marriage – Check! Love – Check! Baby – Err?!? A couple of months into our blissful marriage, a delayed period turned our lives into a tizzy! Barf! The numerous visits to the bathroom to retch, occasional dizziness, a freaked out husband! Could I be pregnant?!? The neurotics that we both are, we both spent a couple of sleepless nights googling out the numerous signs hoping that

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Silent Support – My Father!!

  Happy Father’s Day. Never wondered about going up to my father to wish him a “Father’s Day” as it would seem a very formal gesture. But this is also true I never told him how big a support he has been throughout. Through this piece I would like to take the opportunity to tell him and everyone how significant he is in my life. As like most families, my father was the sole breadwinner,

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The Breadwinner’s Throne

It takes time for a man to build a foundation for himself. Especially, if the man isn’t born with a silver spoon, purkho ki jaydad, or a gigantic haveli. He battles against odds, overcomes each hurdle and inch by inch nears his destination. Every impediment makes him stronger, every failure makes him wiser and every betrayal makes him a believer. He becomes what life teaches him. Then a day comes when he gets married, starts

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Good vs Mediocre B-schools: An Ocean Of Difference

  MBA as a career option after an undergraduate degree has been the talking point for the last eight years or so in India. For years, studies abroad was and still continues to be a much sought after career move. But in recent years, a management degree in India has been getting attention and preferred as a passport to high-paying jobs in the country. This is reflected in the increase in the number of students

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Going Down The Drain

  If you thought conservatism is cool So that people don’t call you a risk savvy fool Never look down upon anybody Because life may teach you that you are nobody If you’re doing this, think again Because you may be going down the drain Down the drain   Disrespectful talk may make you think you’re a hero But for that attitude you get nothing more than an absolute zero Your age eggs you on

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