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Why I Don’t Wanna Work for Infosys

source link Well that’s because I don’t like the Blackberry phone. The blog could end right here, but then if I don’t explain it better, you would keep me in the same category as Infosians, who I dislike anyway… So what’s the big deal? It happened like this… We are a bunch of Indian students here at an American university, which is kinda considered one of the best in the world, and we feel quite proud belonging

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Reflections On The Understanding Of Poverty

Malathy Madathilezham tries to decipher the real definition and the measures of poverty and more importantly tries finding ways to get rid of the malaise.  Poverty is a much-debated topic. We all have at some or the other point discussed on some issue related to poverty. The ‘poverty line’ is a recurrent topic that comes into picture during these discussions. How do we define and measure this complex’’ phenomenon? More importantly how do we get

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A Visit To The Jallianwala Bagh

Somewhere in June three of us, Asad (childhood friend) , Anshit (my bro) and I went on a trip to Amritsar. There were 3 places that we wanted to visit : Jallian Wala Bagh, Golden Temple and Wagah Border. I will concentrate on the Jallian Wala Bagh for this post… For all us who don’t know what Jallian wala Bagh stands for, click here. Amritsar is a very cute city. pretty much like the other small cities across the country, where shops

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A Longing Bait

How lonely, left was I to grave substituting cigarette buds for illusory nipples of my mother screaming and scathing, modest approvals of despair those never ending love, lost like words; teenagers write at shores in beaches I wake up, hollow, a perfectly day-night balanced between nostalgia and emotion where rhythm masquerades as poignant guilt I walk, thread-bare, worn-out, outworn, trite and stale where shadows neither follow nor silhouette appear rare A close veil of miasma

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The Game Of Life

All the reading that we do, the education that we get, and the experiences that we go through are to one end: to help us to live our potential. Life wouldn’t have created us, if it didn’t want us to bring an aspect of it  to life, or if it didn’t believe in our capabilities to do so. If we’re here, it is because we’re endowed with the ability to manifest an aspect of the

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How Much Forest Does a Man Need

If you flew over Delhi around june 2010, one thing would be kinda clear. That you couldn’t see anything clearly at all from the window. Well, part of it could have been because most of the city was dug up for Commonwealth games, but there was a major part ascribed to plain dust in the air. Maybe it was due to scorching summer and lack of humidity in the air too. But then the question

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911 vs 100: A Realistic Review

Yes. I plan to compare the two numbers. There are many factors to look at, and I will try to sum them up as precisely as possible… Ask any American, or watch enough Hollywood movies and you will see that 911 is something that Americans use very frequently, for things as small as sticking your hand to something very embarrassing (in American Pie) to something much bigger as in Die Hard… But you get the

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