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Guide for Accommodation and Restaurants @ McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala

order Gabapentin online Don’t get belied by the ‘littleness’ of the township. McLeod Ganj hosts an assortment of private and government hotels, restaurants and café. Herein, you will get a list of tried-and-tested accommodation facilities and restaurant(The list of hotels is subject to the number of user reviews we get.) Accommodation Takhiyal Guest House For those looking for a cute and neat little place to lodge, this is the place to go. Every room is equipped with a

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Porn and I

Long back I heard a quote written by the great Harivansh Rai Bachchan. He said “Mandir Masjid bair karaye, mel karaye Madhushala”. If only he lived in our times when pornography is no longer restricted to books, he would realise that boys unite much before they start drinking. As any other kid I was born curious. And then I got the answer to every secret of human life. THE GANG-BATE – 10th standard, Jamshedpur My parents had left

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5 Amazing Food Destinations in Malaysia

actos 30 mg price I have traveled to many countries in the world like United States for official conferences, Hong Kong for video blogging, South Africa for Travel blogging/Cricket blogging and Sri Lanka for photo blogging. Each of them have been interesting in their own ways and one of the main differentiating factors have been the food destinations in each of these countries. Being a foodie, I love to explore amazing food that each destination has to offer and

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Health and Wellness – Part II

We often discuss health. But what is health – rather good health. We referred to the dictionary for the first post, but – to be very honest, good health is difficult to define. However, keeping in mind that bad health is equated with the presence of a disease, ideally good health should not only be the absence of a disease but, from a broader perspective good health should encompass a much positive idea about both

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Retribution – A Short Story

It was a bright morning in New York. Ritesh woke up to the sound of chirping birds beside his window. He rubbed his eyes for his vision to clear. He looked at the Christiano Ronaldo poster that adorned one of the walls of the living room. The poster showed Ronaldo ready to take a free kick. Ritesh was reminded of the premier league match that he planned to watch that night that featured Christiano Ronaldo.

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My India: The Mistaken Story – An Indian Woman’s Perspective

Shwetha Kalyanasundaram rebuts this story which lambasts India and makes you feel the country is made up of vultures only looking for prey landing in form of women tourists. A must read for all, no matter what nationality.   Ms. Rose Chasm’s article “India: the Story You Never Wanted to Hear” has been trending for the last couple of days, with many of my friends sharing the story on various social networking sites. The headline

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MS Technology Management : Decoded

It might be a late night with no action in Las Vegas that has prompted me to write this, but, I wanted to put this up for many reasons.. 1) Frustration 2) Information 3) Education 4) Entertainment Like our Marketing professor taught us, I am trying to segment, and then target different audiences of this blog: prospective students for MS Tech Program, bored internet blog visitors, and fellow people looking for jobs 🙂 So first

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Vegas Vices

First the disclaimer: Any family member should read this only at his/her own risk, and always pretend that they never did.  Man I so wish I was born at the times of Khajuraho Temples. The reason is either too obvious or it will most definitely be in the due course of this post. All this while I was struggling to find the right way to sum up my Vegas trip. But intoxicated as I was,

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Defining Moments : India at 66

From Dominion to Republic, 1950. The Dominion of India becomes the Republic of India on 26th January 1950 by adopting the newly drafted constitution. Today, we are the largest democracy in the world and the constitution is the largest one in the world and maintains its unique nature while adopting several portions from British, US & other constitutions of the world. Biggest Gamble in History : First General Elections 1951-52 It was like the biggest

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When Raju Lost Faith in Ganga…

Remember that movie starring Raj Kapoor, ‘Jis desh mein ganga behti hai’ ? Raj kapoor played the role of a guy from I think Banaras, and goes on to use his sanskar and values to transform a group of dacoits. I think the assumption in the movie was that Raju had complete faith in the values of the mother land. Cut to Champaign in US. I have met a lot of NRIs here. Some have

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