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Going the GI way!

Recently, West Bengal (WB) and Odisha had a fight over the ownership of the delicious sweet, Rasogolla. WB won the ownership owing to the fact that it was found to be Geographically Indicated (GI) in WB. Geographical Indicator (GI) ensures that an innovation or item that is produced within a country is protected in a manner such that its conception, creation and distribution is managed by the original innovator. GI is part of the original

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If you have the spirit of adventure and love to revisit India’s past, then Jaipur is the perfect holiday destination. Among its many names, it is famously called the Pink City since its structures are built in pink sandstone. You can find many 5 Star Hotels in Jaipur as you plan your journey. After you freshen up at your room at Ramada Hotel in Jaipur, you can explore its luxurious surroundings and pamper yourself to

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Things To Be Beware In Bali

Having been to Bali recently, I thought to share a guide to the lovely island. I booked my holidays via a travel agent because South East Asia looks to be a troubled place on the internet for all kinds of nonsense. Bali, though is a wonderful place. Beaches, Bikini Babes and some great sights make the island a must see for travel enthusiasts. The island city though has had its share of troubles. In October of 2002, Kuta, a very

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Fly to Singapore just like a Baby by Tigerair !!!

One of the most sought after destinations for tourists across the world is Singapore and for the known reason.Traveling to Singapore has become very accessible and easy.You can just fly to Singapore from Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad at your convenience.To travel easy and economically in style. As i arrived at the Bangalore International Airport(KIAL) to travel to singapore.The easiest way was Tigerair TR 2653 which flies daily from BLR to SG and it is a

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The Perfect Haven for Tired City Dwellers – McLeod Ganj

If you are looking for a short 3-4 days relaxing break from your hectic schedule, try a trip to McLeod Ganj. The breathtaking beauty of this Dharamshala suburb (9kms) makes it the perfect haven for the tired city denizens. The tranquil surroundings can be credited to McLeod Ganj’s historical link with Buddhism and His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama. The serenity and beauty of the township has attracted even celebs, like Richard Gere. Best Way

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India and Beyond-1: Uttar Pradesh

Its that time of the year when the summer vacations are about to begin. Many of you must be planning of your favorite trip to your dream destinations. Places like London,Paris,Swiz..etc etc always top the list of the vacation goers.But if at all you are planning of some trip in our own country, believe me the list is endless. Yes, abroad is always an attractive destination for desi people, but having traveled almost the whole

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A Memorable Family Outing at Coorg District

Located amidst the forests, Coorg District in Karnataka is my favorite destination to be in touch with the nature. It is a common tourist attraction, famous for coffee and ethnic warrior people. There’s a lovely temple near the riverbank dedicated to Lord Brahma. For me this holiday was a special one as I finally took time off from my busy schedule to be with my family. My wife and I were always fond of exploring

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Medinipur: A Tour Across Culture & Time – 3

After Art and Culture, its time for us to explore Nature at Medinipur. The place is blessed with natural beauty all around and there is much to visit and feel blessed about. Being a hilly region, you can find many lakes easily. A perfect tourist attraction   Mukutmanipur. A perfect tourist spot. Cheap hotels, food and the heavenly view!   Pollution free, simple and easy to drive   The look of the end of the

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Medinipur: A Tour Across Culture & Time – 2

After exploring arts at Medinipur in the first part of this series, this post will talk about the brilliance and magnificence of the culture of the place in four pictures. This is a wonderful place for all culture enthusiasts not just from India but globally too. Rabindrik dance at Spring festival   Baul (a folk song) is a part of the culture for many centuries   You will never forget the music on which this

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Medinipur: A Tour Across Culture & Time – 1

South-West corner of West Bengal. A untapped tourism destination. Sea, virgin sea beach, hills, Jungles, local dance and musical troop, old temples, a glass of Mahua with tribes, Dhamsa-Madal the ancient version of musical instruments and dark black roads across the woods! Let me introduce you, to my birthplace Medinipur in 5 parts of this essay. In the first part we shall explore Arts, something that makes Medinipur stand out from the global world. Art. 

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