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Are we about to enter the ‘golden era’ of technology?

When we talk about technology, are we on the edge of a golden era? Will the advancement in technology serve as the tool that has an impact on the society over the next 20 years? Technology will soon have a dramatic impact on the man-machine interface and be a part of ushering in a golden era of technology. When we look at the new era of technology we should not limit it by extending it to a certain criterion but broaden our horizons and look at it in the way to see the world around us in new ways. Since

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How to Promote Your Android Apps/Games for Free

For small businesses, it’s almost always a tough to Promote their Android Apps/Games in Free or in very less budget . Some of the Apps or Games which are very good but due to low budget or very minimal presence : They lost somewhere. In this Digital time, one have to very active and creative .. Some of the tips i have gathered , lets get into that: 1.First of all, Do SEO : Identify the best ” Target Keywords” for your App/Game.and also see on which keywords your app is coming in search. Try searchman tool for SEO &

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App Review: 60 Second Now: Good time saver for news scanners

Hey guys, I just wanted to share with you a cool app which is completely free, will save your time (& keep you updated) in this busy life). Surely you will forget to watch news online or on TV. This morning when I was going to office, I got late. Usually I catch the bus by 8 am. One of my friend messaged me to reach the bus stop within 60 seconds else I will miss the bus. At the same time I was searching something on play store. While running towards the stand in rush, I accidentally typed “60

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If the ASUS Zenfone was my best friend, here’s how he would be handy!

Who wouldn’t have heard of ASUS? It is one of the top-three consumer notebook vendors worldwide and makers of the world’s best-selling, most award-winning, motherboards. It has designed and manufactured products that perfectly meet the needs of today’s digital home and office, with a broad portfolio. ASUS has won over 4000 awards in 2013 and is widely credited with revolutionizing the PC industry with its Eee PC™. ASUS has more than 12,500 employees around the globe with a world-class R&D team of 3,800 engineers. The company revenue for 2013 itself was approximately USD 14 billion. This shows the kind of

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How Internet Disrupted Relations Inversely

When did it all begin? In 1989 Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web. The world went crazy. While some rejected it many embraced it. It is 2014 now and the Internet has gained momentum faster than anything else on the planet. The web is also being credited of influencing elections these days in India; imagine the growth from the days of 1989. My perspective of the co-relation of Internet and relationships is based on what I see around. You may or may not agree but I am sure you will think and mull over after reading it. Over

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The World is More Indian Than We Think – 1

What goes up, comes down, what goes around comes around! Newton formalized the law of Gravity, but something a little similar is the unwritten law of Karma, which basically says that wheels of fortune can come a full circle!  India actually had the distinction of being the world’s largest economy hundreds of year’s back, as it accounted for almost a third of the world’s GDP. The goods produced in India had long been exported to far off destinations across the world. Therefore, the concept of globalization is hardly new to India, but as we begin the story in the 1980’s

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World’s Best Metro Systems: A Glance

One of the greatest questions we, the modern city-dwellers, face, is how we can build more flexible MRTS (Mass Rapid Transit Systems) in and across our cities. With time, the population of cities have risen, nearly everywhere across the planet. Be it New York, the US or Mumbai, India, the population pressure seems to be forever rising. It can be fairly argued that a city is much like the human body. Analogous to the blood vessels inside the human body, that transport blood and corpuscles, the cities have roads and transportation infrastructure, that cater to an analogous system of transportation.

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The New Product Launch: What The Brouhaha Is About

There’s been a launch of a new gadget, They say something exciting’s hitting the market, But I don’t know what the brouhaha is all about, I think I’ll wait to begin to rave and shout. They say this thing can monitor my heart, But I really need more clarification about this part. Can it monitor and tell me when, for my neighbor and friend My feelings of warmth and love begin to show a downward trend? Can I be alerted when I even begin to alienate, From myself, my loved ones, through disrespect or hate? I doubt if it can

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Xiaomi Mi3 Review: All You Need To Know Before Buying

Xiaomi Mi3 –  one phone that is clearly rocking India. Thanks to its solid partnership with the Indian e-retailer Flipkart, the Chinese company has now stepped into the subcontinent, which houses the third largest smartphone market in the world. And there is genuinely a lot of hype regarding the device – people saying all kinds of stuff about it. Some satisfied buyers are calling it the latest and greatest smartphone in the market, thanks to its aggressive pricing, lots of high-end specifications and reliable performance, while there are lots of people who are criticizing the whole initiative, mentioning the somewhat

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The Book Bug vis-à-vis The Tech-Bug

The evocation for this vox pop struck me from an online conversation with a friend of mine, a couple of weeks ago. The colloquy was about “The Shadow Lines”, a book by Amitav Ghosh that I am reading currently. Both of us have a penchant for reading and possess avarice for books. Always trusting my opinion about books to read, he agreed to give the book a shot. However I was taken aback by a comment from my erudite friend, “I would download the PDF of the book soon.” Well the reason for this consternation was two-fold; the first one

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