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Top 9 Reasons to Include Papaya in Your Diet

Christopher Columbus called it the ‘fruit of the angels’; quite exotic today the papaya is available throughout the world and is known for its health quotient. There are ample reasons why should you include papaya in your diet; here’s a look at the top health benefits of papaya. Helps Lower Cholesterol Levels Too much cholesterol build up within the body can result in heart attack; papaya is rich in Vitamin C, fibres and antioxidants that

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Stress-Free. Really

We all feel stressed at some point in time or the other. Stress is not caused by any single event but results from the complex interactions between many events and may lead to a physiological or a psychological reaction. In order to find joy in our journey, Greg McKeown, in his article: Reduce your stress in two minutes a day, suggests five habits – ordinary by themselves, but together, prove life-changing. Breathing. Start small by taking

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Work Or Job?

Yesterday, while watching a TV program about an organization that provides help to injured animals and takes care of them, a thought came to me: the people involved in it were doing “real” work, as opposed to having a job. And I felt that I wasn’t doing real work, and was just doing a job. I started to delve deeper into the idea of real work vs. a job. A job is where you’re in

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