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Guy Outside a Girl Trial Room: Experiences

  Light pink, dark pink, lavender pink, rose pink, salmon pink….blah pink. Never had an idea what the actual difference between them really is, till you actually ended up befriending a girl and started going out with her. Yeah right, once you started dating her and took her shopping, you realised the pinks are a lot of trouble. Here Anshuman Sharvesh talks about what that generally means and how even though you have no idea

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Social Etiquette – The Forgotten Good-natured Behaviour Code

Commercialization has taken precedence over most of our good values! Is advancement in Science inversely proportional to advancement of ‘human-ness’? Ganesh Subramanian discusses our behavioural code which has changed with our so-called ‘advancement’ in this post. The biggest fear of advancement of mankind is that in the mad pursuit of developments and an equally insane dash for material possessions, somewhere there is a risk of losing our social values and a possible deviation from accepted behavioural

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Conflicts for a New Mommy

So finally, he arrived!! After the 9 months long drill, I couldn’t wait to take him in my arms… It was different, he was red like a tomato, eyes tightly shut by the heavy eyelids; felt like a little mountain baby in my very eastern bong hands. I was a first-time mom, and it was the first time I held such a tiny creature. I was beyond elated and blissfully unaware of the days and

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Whats Life: A Play

  Life is but a play! The world’s an arena on display Everyone’s for the limelight, the glitter We scheme, we cheat, we act! Masks Masks everywhere Lies lies everywhere, Different types of lies!!! What is real, what is true… unknown What is favourable, we deem it the truth Everyone’s truth is different and flexible We scheme, we cheat, we act! Masks Masks everywhere Lies lies everywhere Different types of lies!!! Painted faces, dazzling dresses,and oh what

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How to Make Your Boss Love You? – Part 2

So, how did you fare with the Bully, the Manipulator and the Liar? Did you try some of the tips suggested in the first part of the series? This part contains a few more types of bosses and tips on how to handle them with care. The Goody-goody Supportive, encouraging, competent, soft-spoken – did you have the good luck to come across a boss like this? Such miraculous personalities are rare and when you chance

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A Longing Bait

How lonely, left was I to grave substituting cigarette buds for illusory nipples of my mother screaming and scathing, modest approvals of despair those never ending love, lost like words; teenagers write at shores in beaches I wake up, hollow, a perfectly day-night balanced between nostalgia and emotion where rhythm masquerades as poignant guilt I walk, thread-bare, worn-out, outworn, trite and stale where shadows neither follow nor silhouette appear rare A close veil of miasma

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The Stupid Girl!

  She thinks she is beautiful But in reality she is pitiful She thinks she is everyman’s dream But seeing her face in midnight makes a child scream She thinks she is intelligent But her brain can’t be activated even by a chemical reagent She thinks she is worldly-wise But her superficial knowledge is like melting ice She thinks she is a super star But she is nothing more than a black stone of tar

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Garhwal Diaries 4 – Reaching Sitapur

Time for a tea break with more sugar! Majestic mountains and serpentine trails began to welcome me as I started from Haridwar. The plains gave way to rocky mountains. I made an effort to capture the vastness of the sky and nature through my small digital camera. Here are some moments: The line between reality and make-believe becoming blurred Increasingly blurred! Some more cascades Random clicks

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10 Myths Women Have About Men

  1 We are insensitive Not at all. Most men feel deeply and strongly about things they care about. Just try walking in front of the television as Sachin Tendulkar winds up for a cover drive. 2 We are obsessed with our gym-built bodies Partly true. Lying in a gym with large plates on a rod is meant to impress the ladies. Unfortunately, they don’t do the same for the lower part of the body.

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