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Let Padmavati be released!

Padmavati is one of India’s most anticipated historical films that almost everyone is eagerly waiting to watch. But due to the historical context of the film that deals with the exploits of a Rajput princess against the tyranny of a Muslim conqueror, the film has garnered its fair share of controversy. Groups such as the Shree Rajput Karni Sena (SRKS) and the Rajasthan State Women’s Commission (RSWC) have mobilized in large numbers and have threatened

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The Symbolism of Haider

I had very little to do yesterday evening, hence decided to watch a film. An old friend had not seen Haider and insisted on going along. For some reason I was hesitant, not that I haven’t seen one movie twice, but I was not in the mood to see a heavy dose film all over again. I tried convincing him for other options, but his strong resilience eventually paved way and we made it to

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Movie Review: Watching R. Rajkumar Is A Crime

Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Sonu Sood & Asrani. Directed by: Prabhu Deva. Introduction: Watching this film is a heinous crime, sitting through this bull shit one realises that Besharam was not all that a bad movie. In one scene of the movie Sonu Sings to his baddies ‘I am your bull, you are my shit we together are bullshit’. Wow! I still cannot fathom creativity has stooped to such nonsense. R Rajkumar has beaten

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