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Guy Outside a Girl Trial Room: Experiences

http://hsu.net.au/train-online/   Light pink, dark pink, lavender pink, rose pink, salmon pink….blah pink. Never had an idea what the actual difference between them really is, till you actually ended up befriending a girl and started going out with her. Yeah right, once you started dating her and took her shopping, you realised the pinks are a lot of trouble. Here Anshuman Sharvesh talks about what that generally means and how even though you have no idea

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Sounds Fishy? No, It’s Healthy!

Hard-core vegetarians might disagree with me, but researches worldwide have proven the health benefits of consuming fish on a regular basis. Packed with a host of minerals, vitamins and most importantly, omega 3 fatty acids – regular consumption of fish help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of the benefits of having fish are: Protects Against heart Disease According to British Heart Foundation, eating oily fish, like salmon, at least twice a week help reduce

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