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VCL (Verandah Cricket League) – 3 Kartik Kannan concludes his series about Verandah Cricket League that so epitomizes the life of every Indian youngster when he starts his romance with Cricket. The first and the second parts can be found here and here. The steps adjacent to the right door were our dressing room, and no body messed with it, when the game was on.Though we didn’t have this in writing, no one wanted to take the risk of asking a bunch of noisy

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Happy Birthday Sachin!

I am always a little bit at risk when writing about Tendulkar. So before I am lynched, let me hastily mention that one thing I admire about the chappie is longevity. Quite a testament to fitness and desire. Whether the results are on par, is a different thing. Tendulkar halts traffic like nothing else in India, barring political rallies or cows on Delhi roads. About nine out of 10 people think he is the God

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How Ravindra Jadeja Trolled His Critics

From mockingly calling him Sir Ravindra Jadeja to making thousands of memes on him, Ravindra Jadeja has seen fun being made on him everywhere on the internet. It was him though who finally had the last laugh 24 wickets in a Test series against Australia. Yes, you got the numbers right. Jadeja, who till a few days back was being trolled left, right and center on the social media, bagged 24 wickets against a good

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