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Shenaz Treasurywala: Enough of your Promotion Nonsense

Uh?!? Another open letter, once again before a movie release? First it was Deepika Padukone before ‘Finding Fanny’ and now ‘Main Aur Mr. Right’. Talk about coincidences (rolling eyes). Last Thursday, I woke up to an open letter on my Facebook wall by Bollywood actor Shenaz Treasurywala – a well worded distress call to address a burning issue in our country. I am still wondering about the timing of this letter. Why is it that

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Yuvraj – The Real Champion will be missed in WC 2015

Its not unknown that Cricket is beyond just being a game in India. It is treated as a religion and millions of emotions are attached with it. We Indians are very passionate about our cricketing heroes and we have a lot of expectations from them. While the hooligan ones throw stones at their houses when they play bad, the fans make temples in their names, when they do well. A few names go beyond being

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#BetterDemocracy: The Problem of Hero Worshipping in India

Narendra Modi is the new hero of India. From being admired for the way he has run the government in Gujarat, to becoming the face of the election campaign for the BJP, to being regarded as the messiah that India needs, he has gone from strength to strength. Pray, even his short-sleeved kurta has become a style statement, and there are medicines and tea leaves and items on restaurant menus that bear his name. And true to

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BYOG: Believe in your own God

Being an IT sales professional and an avid follower of the latest trends driving IT, BYOD (Bring your own device) has clouded my mind so much that the best title I could come out for my 1st blog is BYOG. All this started when I recently got a copy of Sachin Tendulkar’s autobiography (playing it my way), and in my excitement to show off my latest possession, I changed my DP on whats app with

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November 16, the day Tendulkar retired, still haunts me

Have you ever feared a roof falling off, only because of sheer sound? Have you ever sensed tears around you in absolute pin drop silence? Reminiscing that date, still gives me Goosebumps. Even today an year later, it’s hard to believe that the man’s journey of 24 years between 22 yards is over. It is said ‘All good things come to an end’, yet as my friend Rohit had said last year, that he thought

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Robert Craddock, You invited the wrath of this Tendulkar Fan, Now face

The year was 1998, yes the golden era of the legend you just abused. The man had scored nine centuries in that period alone. Infact your captain then ‘Steve Waugh’ had said ‘I have scored just one in my entire career, this kid has hit nine in a year’. In the final months of 1998, India was playing a tri nations tournament in Sharjah featuring Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. In one of the matches, Henry

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Critics, Do you still not get eyeballs without bashing Sachin Tendulkar?

So Sachin Tendulkar is coming out with his autobiography #Playingitmyway. For fans like me who have been die-hard followers, this is a moment to get up close and personal with his life. A life which was always cricket first and everything later. A life which was not even touched by a drop of controversy, ever, except one created by Mike Denness, “the Menace” when he alleged ball tampering on the master. A life which is

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Why Will The ISL Dent Indian Football Further

We all know what Indian football is about. A ranking beyond 100 globally, some players who struggle playing in the second grade global leagues and occasional wins in the Nehru cup against teams like Bangladesh and Nepal. No, am not deriding anything and do not mean to demean players who put in number of hours grinding to beat others, am just stating the facts. Now, there is another new kid on the block called Indian

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5 Things Only Tendulkar-Like Can Teach

There are two kinds of Heroes in the world. One the unknown ones who have very little written about them; two are celebrated heroes who have so much material on them that even makes ‘Google’ look bored. This legend comes in the latter category. There is nothing that can be talked about those people that hasn’t been attempted before. His canvas is full of different hues that make him a perfect complete picture. What one

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It Does Not Come In A Jiffy My Friend

“The difference between ordinary and great is the extra effort the great puts in’. No great inspiration has chosen ‘the road less travelled’. The ones out there, who inspire us to emulate them, have toiled day in and day out to achieve their dreams. Be it a doctor, who hones his knowledge and skills in dimly lit rooms, or researchers who live life surrounded with papers and experiments or be it sportsmen who sweat it

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