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Awkward Moments: Here To Make You Laugh!

It was my awkward Moment when I was thinking today what to write. Nothing was coming to my mind. So, I am going to write on Awkward Moments 😛 😀 😉 Here I am adding some Awkward Moments that can make you laugh and think! 1.The awkward moment when people don’t laugh at your jokes! 2.The awkward moment when you remember something but you don’t know if it was real or just a dream. 3.Cancel!

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The Black Beauty – 1

A misty morning in the monsoon, and I stepped out of my apartment to begin my daily commute to work. Becky, the dog, rested peacefully at the stairs bidding me goodbye with her poignant eyes. She looked more tired than usual or was she ill; I didn’t know. I stroked her black hair, and rubbed her forehead before leaving. The murk of the fog that morning shielded the greenery around – holding a silence that

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An Ordinary Confession

The summer of 2007, a year, that may be very important in respect of various events, several incidents, and numerous significant happenings to enhance the chronology of the world history, to enrich it or to degrade it. A year always tend to have effects that really affects or have immense cognitive impact. Same way the passing years leave consequences in the mediocre lives of several who are ordinary in all aspect but yet continue to

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Great Gifts for Girlfriend
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I Am Falling For You Tanya!!!

Discover the most creative gifts for your girlfriend You feel on top of the world when you see your girlfriend happy, specially holding the gift you gave. Often, finding a gift is a very confusing task for guys! Your girlfriend already has such a big shopping list each time she shops, that it becomes very difficult to discover what she has and she doesn’t have, what she likes and what she dislikes!! These thoughts are very common! This is where discovering creative gifts become the need

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Broken heart of the Bird

Broken heart of the Bird (He) It hurts so much to see Reading this, I know you will agree Story about the fate of true love Priceless tale of the Bird and her lady Dove They were not just friends, even more You don’t know how much of her, Bird really adore 24×7 lady Dove twinkled in his head He use to reread every text she send She use to change his world with a

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Branches – Concluding Part

Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 The drive was a quite one. Suchi had no idea where they were going. She didn’t mind it very much. She let it be.  It’s nice to be lost at times. It clears the clutter. Yes they were going towards the river. “ When was last time you took a boat ride on the river? “ Ashish asked. “ I don’t remember. Maybe when I was still in school”. Suchi laughed. “Would you

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Qualities That Women Secretly Love in Men – 3

This is the third and last part of the series. Read the first and second parts here. Kindness to animals Being gentle towards animals projects the caring and sensitive side of you which women love. According to them, a person who is kind to animals would be able to protect and care for her kids and herself. Sense of mystery Enigmatic personalities always attract the opposite sex because they wish to unravel what is beneath

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Movie Review: Shaadi Ke Side Effects: Don’t Waste Time

Cast: Farhan Akhtar, Vidya Balan & Ram Kapoor. Directed by: Saket Chaudhari. Plot: Loosely inspired by the John Hughes hit comedy ‘She is having a baby’ Shaadi ke side effects tells the story of a highly successful to be mom and a struggling musician dad who tries his best to be the coolest father ever. But messes up all the time. How the couple does off the box things to spice up their marriage at

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The Nightriders – A Short Story – Part 2

It took a moment for her to register the shock of the sudden turn. Her eyes, which had a confused look suddenly, grew wide with fear. He was enjoying these dramatized changes in her expressions of a trapped animal. She looked at him in the mirror and said in a throttled voice “its a wrong turn. You have to go straight on the highway”. “Yeah I know” he said winking maliciously. ” There is a

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The Night Riders – A Short Story- Part 1

He was checking her out in the mirror. Again and again. The red beady eyes growing hungrier by the minute. She was nervous and scared and her eyes kept darting around like rabbits may be to check on the familiarity of the path they had taken. She was sweating and kept wiping her forehead with the tip of her sari, an action that further increased his restlessness. He missed his friend at this moment. They

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