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SA, NZ, India and Australia are Laxman’s pick for semis

In an impromptu conversation with VVS Laxman, I asked him what do you think about India’s chances in the World Cup 2015 and the former great was upbeat about the sub continental giants under MS Dhoni. He said that with the batting like we have, a couple of good days would mean we would be able to defend the World Cup. He said with Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane and MS Dhoni, the middle

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My 5 questions to Bharatiya Janata Party and Narendra Modi

BJP yesterday started asking “5 questions” to Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal. These included questions on the minority government they ran for 49 days to the VIP security Arvind had that he had denied initially. While they comfortably asked questions after questions and they made a campaign out of it, they forgot the lofty, mostly audacious promises made by a certain CM of Gujarat who is now the Prime Minister of the country. I

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Bowling, Experience India’s biggest challenge for World Cup 2015 defence

Not many surprises found its place in a script that selectors wrote for the World Cup down under. As India enter cricket’s battle royale, trying to defend the trophy, the challenge to the batting order will be huge. Add inexperience to the woes, considering 11 out of 15 selected have never played a World Cup, and for a majority this would also be their first tour to possibly the toughest cricketing country. For a refresher

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Why I fell in love with Facebook’s #YearInReview

I used the #YearInReview tool yesterday and instantly loved it. Then I saw a few criticizing the same. I guess that comes easy to humans because it is easy to criticize and very tough (considering its human nature) to appreciate. This time though I feel even the worst critics had no reasons to boomerang. Here is why. 1. #YearinReview made us relive our last year in 4-5 scrolls. This consisted of our most liked photos,

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Why Will The ISL Dent Indian Football Further

We all know what Indian football is about. A ranking beyond 100 globally, some players who struggle playing in the second grade global leagues and occasional wins in the Nehru cup against teams like Bangladesh and Nepal. No, am not deriding anything and do not mean to demean players who put in number of hours grinding to beat others, am just stating the facts. Now, there is another new kid on the block called Indian

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An Ode To One of my Favourite Teachers, this #TeachersDay

“True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own.” -Nikos Kazantzakis While sitting and writing this ode to my favourite professor on the eve of Teachers Day, I wanted to start with a quote. I scanned the Internet; it’s easy isn’t it these days to look for one. Not in this case though because

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5 Kinds of Bosses You Would Prefer Dying But Not Working For

So I finished writing this about the 5 kinds of bosses that you can die working for. Immediately as you can see from the social engagement index of the post, I received some 20 odd queries from friends and former colleagues saying that I also need to write on the kinds of bosses that turn out to be a nightmare. So here are the five traits of the men and women you should shudder to

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5 Kinds of Bosses To Die Working For

I am in my sixth year of professional working and have changed 4 offices. I have fallen in love with all my projects and have never left a company for the work culture or pressure of work. I have always left bosses after seeing qualities that cannot be considered managerial. Not that I was always managed by ugly folks but destiny made it for me such that I would join under a great guy/girl and

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Movie Review: Mardaani: A Very Good Adaptation of “Taken”

Cast: Rani Mukherji,  Jisshu Sengupta, Tahir Bhasin, Sanjay Taneja Director: Pradeep Sarkar Plot: Rani Mukherji is a tough cop (Shivani Rao) living a good life with her husband and a daughter like girl. She also knows Pyaari who lives in a shelter home and disappears one morning. The search takes her into the bad world of drugs and child trafficking leading to prostitution run by Karan (Tahir Bhasin). She launches an assault on this mafia to bring

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Would You Sell Your Freedom? Happy #IndependenceDay

If you thought the old adage Beggars aren’t choosers still exists, you have not seen this video yet. On the occasion of 68th Independence Day we asked most needy people on the streets of Delhi, the beggars, the rickshaw pullers, to take 10 times the amount of money they earn daily but sell us their freedom and remain confined in a house for 40 odd days. On a humorous note we also wanted to check

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