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Why Sex Has Become The Only Strong Attraction

Santosh Desai, who writes the column City City Bang Bang for the Times of India, is one of the very few of what I would call the Thinking Man’s Journalist. When most other news articles across various media are filled with details and opinions, his are the rare exceptions, filled with an honest and unbiased analysis of the issue at hand. In  TOI, he wrote about the whole furore over Dr Harsh Vardhan’s comment on

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सोच बदलो..सब बदलेगा..

एक लडकी..सहूलियत के लिये कोई भी नाम रख लीजिये चलिये निकी नाम रख लेते है उम्र तकरीबन 12-14 साल स्कूल के लिये घर से निकलती है। पडोस के गुप्ता अंकल (उम्र 40-45 साल) अपने घर के बरामदे मे रिलैक्स चेयर पर बैठे हुये है। निकी ने “नमस्ते अंकल” कहा –जैसा कि बचपन से कहती आई है। गुप्ता अंकल ने भी संपूर्ण सह्रयदता से नमस्ते कहा और भावविह्वल होकर पास बुलाया। निकी खुश होकर दौडी और

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Its good to be deaf than to hear these #Rape justifications

As the controversy of the #IndiasDaughter video charged up, some images arose. Images that could burn you further on the psychology of some who have been hailed as leaders by some in this country, and also some who have been hailed as religious gurus. When you see these images below, do not be surprised, because if there was not this, rape wouldn’t have been an endemic as it is in India. We possibly have been

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That girl with the red scarf: 2

Continued from Part one here But for the entire humanity, “I am a rape victim” was what she said. I stood cold and just could exclaim a loud “what”, which testified her fault.  She left after that. The tears that rolled out this time from her eyes were crying out loud. “It was not my mistake and I am a victim not the reprobate”. I stood blank thinking about her, what was she expecting? May

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Hum Gundey hai…

It was a month end. Time to collect payoff. A busy day had almost ended. He was playing his favorite 3 patti, listening to radio with his business partners, Sahil and Boxer Chotu. This dark, dingy and smoke-filled garage, with a bulb, a table and few chairs was the place where the  monthly collection got stacked up. The lone bulb lit up their faces partially. The money coming in will be used to keep top

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A letter to the Rapist

Dear rapist, This is the women of India here. We had a very humble request for you.   You might be scorning or even scoffing at us, after hearing this. But please give some thought to our request.   It’s a day when we all go out and celebrate, probably till late into the night. Our clothes could be a bit shorter than the usual days, since we are celebrating freedom, modern thinking and all

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Battered Angels of India

Human society has been a stage where violence and atrocities against women have been witnessed yet overlooked. Every decade documents occurrences of heinous crimes against women that pull the masses out of their slumber. However, these incidents do nothing more than draw the people out on the streets for a day or two. Protests are held, people shout to deaf ears of the judicial system and finally retreat into their own homes leaving the souls

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RAPE….From A Girl’s Perspective

I was talking to a lady friend of mine. The most common news now a days we see in channels or read in newspapers is Rape. So I just tried to understand her point of view, what does she think. This piece is a reaction against the action of male, rape, from a girl’s perspective. “When the 16 december rape happened I wasn’t in delhi. I came back almost a month after the incident. In

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प्री पेड प्रायाश्चित, पोस्ड पेड पश्चाताप

तहलका वाले चिर तरुण परम तेजस्वी तेजपाल जी प्रायाश्चित करना चाहते थे। कसूर कोई खास नहीं, बस एक जरा सा एटेंप्ट टू रेप हो गया था। सफाई में तेजपाल जी बोले– मैं तो मजाक कर रहा था। बात ठीक भी है। इस देश में रेप मजाक ही तो है। प्रति मिनट भारत में एक रेप होता है, पुलिस रेप को मजाक समझती, रेपिस्ट मजाक समझता है। तेजपाल जी ने भी वही समझा। लेकिन नैतिकता देखिये,

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